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Basting Tools

Shop for basting tools to enhance the flavor or meat in your restaurant, grill or steak house. Basting tools are basters and injectors that inject flavor into poultry or meat to create s powerful suction to retrieve succulent juices. Shop TigerChef for top brand basters for your commercial kitchen.

Johnson Rose 3031 10-5 / 8" All Purpose Rubber Bulb Baster by Johnson Rose Model #: 3031 Sold As: 1 ea
Update International BSTR-105 Plastic Baster by Update International Model #: BSTR-105 Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 23-0301-W Plastic Marinade Injector, 1 oz. by Weston Model #: 23-0301-W Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 23-0302-W Plastic Marinade Injector, 2 oz. by Weston Model #: 23-0302-W Sold As: 1 ea
Currently out of stock. Notify me when available
Fox Run 5679 Baster Set by Fox Run Brands Model #: 5679 Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 23-0402-W Nickel-Plated Marinade Injector, 2 oz. by Weston Model #: 23-0402-W Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 23-0404-W Nickel-Plated Marinade Injector, 4 oz. by Weston Model #: 23-0404-W Sold As: 1 ea Only 1 Remaining!
FDick 9005000 Brine Injector (Brine Pump) by F Dick Model #: 9005000 Sold As: 1 ea