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Belinda Flatware 18/0

The Belinda flatware pattern from Crestware is heavy weight stainless steel flatware featuring a scrolled motif pattern with a bright vibro finish. Attractive looking and economically priced, this flatware is of the 400 stainless steel series making it able to work with magnetic retrieval flatware systems. Make this collection a welcome addition to your restaurant flatware at TigerChef's great online prices.

Crestware BEL723 Belinda Heavy Weight Oyster Fork by Crestware Model #: BEL723 Sold As: 1 dz
Crestware BEL700 Belinda Heavy Weight Teaspoon by Crestware Model #: BEL700 Sold As: 1 dz
Crestware BEL706 Belinda Heavy Weight Salad Fork by Crestware Model #: BEL706 Sold As: 1 dz
Crestware BEL702 Belinda Heavy Weight Dinner Fork by Crestware Model #: BEL702 Sold As: 1 dz
Crestware BEL708 Belinda Heavy Weight Dessert Spoon by Crestware Model #: BEL708 Sold As: 1 dz
Crestware BEL710 Belinda Heavy Weight Bouillon Spoon by Crestware Model #: BEL710 Sold As: 1 dz
Crestware BEL712 Belinda Heavy Weight Ice Teaspoon by Crestware Model #: BEL712 Sold As: 1 dz