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Barring the Bar Fight

January 21, 2013 10:00 AM

Negative Effects of Alcohol

The Bureau of Justice claims that about 40% of violent crimes involve alcohol, according tPreventing A Bar Fight Should be a Business Priorityo the victim. Four in 10 criminal offenders claim that they were using alcohol at the time of their offense. There are proven negative effects of alcohol, but businesses can keep bar fights to a minimum by taking a few precautions. The absence of bar fights helps provide a positive atmosphere for all customers and employees, and should therefore be high on the list of business priorities. Even one bar fight can be enough to dissuade customers who were present, or heard about it, from frequenting the venue, directly affecting the success of the business.

Steps to Preventing Bar Fights

The steps that may be required to decrease bar fights and increase bar security may differ from venue to venue. Psychologists have yet to classify general cues that hint at who will become a violent drunk, but scientists have found that alcohol inhibits judgment and may alter character traits differently from person to person. For some, the negative effects of alcohol are such that they lead to alcohol violence. Since there is no way to know which customers may be better off having an alcohol limit, it should be part of the bartender responsibilities to keep close tabs on signals that one has reached their alcohol limit, and look for clues that point to potential alcohol violence. Bartender responsibilities should include knowing when to stop pouring the shots. Bar security should be implemented. For usually peaceful venues, this can be as simple as having a phone behind the bar in case the police needs to be called. For businesses that tend to have frequent issues with alcohol violence, or are located in areas with a reputation for alcohol violence, hiring a bar bouncer may be the best option. All venues should ensure they always have first aid supplies on hand for instances related to alcohol violence and other accidents that may occur.

Bar Security

Preventing bar fights addresses on important factor for increasing bar security. A safe venue means happier employees and comfortable customers, who can benefit from a relaxed environment. The measures that are required to achieve a safe environment may differ from venue to venue. In some venues, it may be impossible to completely abolish the incidences of bar fights. Yet if customers and employees are aware of the initiatives taken to make the venue safe from alcohol violence, they will be more comfortable spending time there. In the psychological pyramid of needs, the second tier comprises of safety. Safety is considered the most important need after the vital requirements for staying alive. A venue where people do not feel safe will not be doomed to fail because of people’s dire need to feel safe. Therefore, taking all necessary precautions to ensure a safe ambience and prevent bar fights and alcohol violence in a venue, is a wise and critical business strategy.

Posted by Dana Williams at 10:00 AM

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