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Effective Cleaning Techniques for Your Restaurant

February 20, 2012 12:00 PM

Ensuring that your food service establishment consistently meets high standards of cleanliness is essential. Purchasing the right janitorial supplies Always Keep Restaurant Cleaning Supplies In Stockand commercial cleaning equipment, from dunnage racks to the paper towel dispenser, as well as learning the best cleaning techniques and teaching them to your staff, enables you to cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning. A clean restaurant not only complies effortlessly with local sanitation and health codes, but increases the efficiency of your employees.

Janitorial Supplies

One of the most basic steps to complete cleanliness is keeping your commercial cleaning equipment well stocked. Make sure that you always have plenty of paper towels, floor and window cleaner, oven cleaner, gloves, and spare mops and brooms. You should also keep extra buckets and trash cans handy. Being constantly in possession of all of the necessary tools and equipment prevents you not only from having to run out and buy emergency supplies – or sending an employee and ending up short-staffed – but it encourages your staff to clean as they work. Knowing that gloves and window cleaner are within easy reach can motivate an employee to tidy up the dessert case as soon as a mark becomes noticeable. If there is always a spare mop available, no one will need to wait for someone else to finish cleaning one area before taking care of a potentially dangerous spill.

Easy Cleaning Techniques

The most practical way to clean thoroughly without taking too much valuable time is to train yourself and your staff to always give prompt attention to every spill or smudge. It takes just a second to wipe recently spilled soup off of the stove, but becomes a much more arduous task once the spill has dried and caked onto your burners and stovetop. Invest in several Thunder Group dunnage racks, each of which can hold over a ton. This way, you have the ability to keep the floors clear of heavy equipment or anything else that would get in the way of effective floor washing. Instruct staff members who open the store to clean from the front of the restaurant back, ending with the kitchen. Since most of your debris and stickiness naturally occurs in the kitchen area, this technique protects the rest of the restaurant from dirt that otherwise could be transferred to other areas. The kitchen equipment should be cleaned regularly to extend the longevity of your appliances. Ask closing staff to do this job before counting registers or other end-of-the-night duties so that they will devote enough attention to the task and avoid the temptation to rush. Delegate fairly: if closing staff have the responsibility of clearing counters and polishing appliances, opening staff can be in charge of cleaning windows and stocking bathrooms.

By using these techniques, your restaurant will exceed customers’ expectations. The sometimes daunting prospect of scrubbing congealed material off of appliances and lifting bulky items from the floor before mopping transforms to a desire to maintain an already pleasant environment. The right habits and supplies are all that is necessary to make your restaurant sparkle.

Posted by Brian Hampton at 12:00 PM

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