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Luscious Lamb Dishes

May 21, 2012 10:00 AM

The winners of this year’s Boston Lamb Jam originated epic lamb dishes that go far beyond the usual meat and potatoes menu item. Update your restaurant’s lamb recipes by modifying the winners’ concepts to fit your establishment’s atmosphere. Whether you want a fresh take on lamb and mint or distinctive sides to go Prepare Lamb with Top-Notch Restaurant Equipmentwith your lamb terrine, we have a Lamb Jam-inspired suggestion for you.

Lamb and Mint Mozzarella

The 2012 Boston Lamb Jam’s grand prize went to The Red Lion Inn for their delectable lamb shoulder recipe. The dish, Lamb Shoulder and Kale Meatballs with Farm Girl Farm Smoked Tomato Puree and Parmesan Crustade, incorporates cheese, a daring twist on meatballs, and a vegetable puree. Adapt this creation to include the classic lamb and mint combination. In place of the kale meatballs, bread mozzarella balls and put them in the deep fryer. Either use mint in the breading mixture or roll the cheese balls in mint before breading them. For an ultra-fine vegetable puree, use fifty percent potatoes and fifty percent turnips. Accompany each serving of meat and puree with three mozzarella balls.

One-of-a-Kind Lamb Terrine

The People’s Choice award winner at the contest, Oleana’s Braised Lamb Shank Terrine with Caraway Brioche, Horseradish, and Crispy Lamb Bacon, sounds like a truly satisfying dish. If you feel that your clientele would prefer a lighter option, especially during the hot summer months, rethink the sides. You can serve your terrine with fries to keep some of the heartiness of the original, but use a salad and light chutney instead of the brioche and bacon. For example, toss a large, summery salad using ingredients such as romaine lettuce, walnuts, and cranberries. Serve with a mini martini glass of apple and onion chutney which you can make with white wine and just a subtle touch of cumin. The result will be a dish that retains the spirit of the Lamb Jam winner while remaining in keeping with the increasing health-consciousness of today’s consumer.

Since lamb is such a versatile meat, you will undoubtedly find a myriad of ways to serve it. Use the ideas outlined above to design lamb dishes that complement your unique style. Consider the tastes and trends common to customers in your location and adapt the ingredient lists, presentation techniques, and restaurant equipment that you use accordingly.

Posted by Jennifer Welsh at 10:00 AM

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