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The Pop-Up Restaurant: A Worthy Culinary Trend

February 5, 2013 10:00 AM

The Pop-Up Restaurant

Pop-up restaurants are gaining momentum in the culinary world, drawing businesses and foodies alike. A pop-up Professionals and Customers can Enjoy the Culinary Trend of the Pop-Up Restaurantrestaurant is an opportunity to make the most of the concept of “chefs for hire” and concept restaurants by allowing the customer to make a spontaneous decision to dine at the venue, and allowing chefs or aspiring chefs to prepare whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. The fore-planning can be demanding and extensive, but with the right equipment and atmosphere taken into account (if the venue does not specialize in hosting pop-up restaurants), the results can be a success. Even top quality restaurants and chefs are taking to the challenge. The Four Seasons Hotels have had the occasional pop-up restaurant themed around certain cuisines and chefs. The flexibility and low-risk business option that pop-up restaurants provide can be adapted to fit any business.

Pop-Up Restaurants for Businesses

Though the concept of a pop-up restaurant first allowed new and adventurous cooks to test out their skills and business ideas on the public, already established culinary venues can adapt the concept for their own benefit. A venue can test out restaurant menu ideas with daring culinary trends, and present interesting menus, either in their venue, or in any location, as a true pop-up restaurant. Since a pop-up restaurant is temporary, the set-up costs are usually relatively low. They involve renting or having portable equipment such as electric griddles, dishes, etc., on hand, and making sure that, no matter the location, it will be comfortable for customers to choose that dining option. If the pop-up restaurant is not intended to be for take-away food, having simple options such as outdoor heaters to improve customer comfort on chilly nights is a good idea. The greatest benefit of a pop-up restaurant is that it allows the “owners” to go all out with interesting menus and/or décor, since in the worst-case scenario, the restaurant will not succeed, and the owner will suffer minimal losses. In the best-case scenario, the daring ideas and culinary trends will be put to the test, and may become a staple for a new business or an addition to an existing business. Starting a pop-up restaurant requires a unique idea, and from that starting point, the options become endless.

Pop-Up Restaurant Ideas

Restaurant menu ideas for pop-up restaurants can stem from any ethnicity. The interesting menus can also be based on new culinary techniques, and old. For example, historic cooking has drawn the attention of many foodies and chefs. The business might be adopted for a day by a foodie just wanting to give people the option to sample his/her cuisine, without any further business motive or potential. The concept may be active group cooking or a demonstration by a chef. The ultimate goal is to provide a fun, unusual experience for customers and cooks. The opportunity for drawing customers to an established dining venue based on its pop-up restaurant, and the chance of a financial hit for the period the pop-up restaurant is open, are added bonuses. Participating in the culinary trends of pop-up restaurants may not be for everyone or every business, but for those it fits, it can be a great opportunity.

Posted by Jennifer Welsh at 10:00 AM

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