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Making Restaurant Week NYC a Success

February 11, 2013 10:00 AM

About Restaurant Week NYC

Restaurant Week NYC started in 1992 as an event during which restaurants in New York CityRestaurant Week NYC Can be Great for Businesses and Customers would offer price fixed menus at a reduced price. Though many other cities have adopted the bi-yearly tradition, Restaurant Week NYC is considered the first event of its kind. The event provides potential customers an option to sample top restaurants in New York City at reduced prices, and provides great restaurant marketing and an increases restaurant business for the venues. The prix fixe menu was originally offered for lunch, though now many restaurants have expanded the sale to all meals, some excluding weekends. This winter, the event was held from January 14 to February 8. The deal consisted of restaurants offering a three course meal at about $25 for lunch and $38 for dinner. Restaurant Week NYC has become one of the most popular times for customers to dine out.

Criticism and Praise for Restaurant Week

Restaurant week in every city presents a great, easy way to increase restaurant business and benefit from easy, far-reaching restaurant marketing. Customers, whom may otherwise be reluctant to dine at a venue due to high prices, may be willing to finally try that restaurant they have been eying, and, if they enjoy the experience, may become regulars. Restaurants tend to build their restaurant week prix fixe menus based on the pricing regulations implemented. Critics of restaurant weeks often claim that some businesses lose profits during the event due to the price regulations. However, with careful budget planning, exemplary, gourmet, and delicious dishes can be created within the proper price range. Top restaurants in New York City may consider leaving the truffle slicer and infused oils aside for the duration of the event. Another criticism of Restaurant Week NYC is complaints that dishes offered are of lower quality than typical dishes offered by the same venues. Though the ingredients used by businesses may have to be less expensive for a profit margin to be upheld, this should not mean a reduction in quality. Dishes of the highest standard can be developed with low food-cost ingredients. With proper fore-thought and planning, restaurant week can be a success for businesses and customers.

Increase Restaurant Business for Good

Restaurant week NYC may not be worthwhile for all venues, but for those looking to increase restaurant business and have an interesting platform for restaurant marketing, participation can be very beneficial. Convincing customers to return can be a major bonus for future business as well. Eleven Madison Park distributed $20 gift certificates to their customers during Restaurant Week NYC. Businesses participating in restaurant week should make an effort to ensure that a maximum quality of service and dishes are offered during the week. Extra efforts should be made to draw back restaurant week customers in order to take full advantage of the event. With those extra efforts, restaurant week can be a success for all involved!

Posted by Brian Hampton at 10:00 AM

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