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Should You Have a Child Free or Kid Friendly Restaurant?

January 31, 2012 10:00 AM

Both child-free and child-friendly restaurant policies have been garnering a great deal of attention lately. Kid friendly restaurants attract certain clients, while a child-free zone is the ideal for others. Each approach has its benefits, and implementing a policy suitable for your business can enhance the individual Should You Have a Child Free or Kid-Friendly Restaurant?atmosphere of your restaurant. From advertising tactics to restaurant equipment and décor, there is a myriad of ways to pull in customers who will appreciate the special demeanor of your eatery.

The Child-Free Restaurant Policy

A child-free restaurant appeals to a wide range of customers. This policy can be useful not only for those who do not have or like children, but even for parents who simply want a quiet dinner without the kids. Many people who are around children – their own or others’ – for the majority of the time go to restaurants to obtain some peace and quiet. These clients will appreciate the adult-only establishment. Still, a “no kids allowed” arrangement can feel highly personal, especially to those parents who keep their children quiet and well-behaved. To that end, certain guidelines will help you to avoid offending or losing customers. First of all, make it clear that you intend only respect for all patrons. Any signage delineating the policy should include gentle wording. You may also wish to consider alternatives to an all-out ban on children. Separate sections for families may be feasible if you have a bar or a back room. Some businesses allow children during certain hours but not others. An option that works best for resort towns or hotel restaurants is that of providing babysitting. It may help to incorporate the policy into a list of basic regulations. Including it among such standards as requiring shoes and using positive phrases like, “Children are welcome until 8 p.m.” will reinforce an attitude of respect for all customers. Another important point to consider is that you need to train your staff to be polite yet assertive with those who do not comply with the policy.

Child Friendly Restaurant

Child-friendly restaurants are a necessity for customers who want to have an enjoyable meal out with the whole family or who want to treat the kids specifically to something nice. Be careful to keep the atmosphere pleasurable for everyone. Colorful kids’ menus, crayons, and small games or toys often help keep children occupied in their seats and away from other customers. Booster seats and high chairs assist parents in keeping their children close. A supervised play area also makes it easier for the adults to finish their meals uninterrupted once the little ones’ attention span has been spent. Bar seating should be reserved for adults only for a variety of reasons. Hiring staff that possess a talent for quickly and effectively calming children will aid parents’ efforts to enjoy their meals without letting their kids disrupt others. Small servings for children on special kids’ plates, colorful and playful decorations, and an advertising campaign that emphasizes family friendliness build a solid reputation for family restaurants.

Developing a specific child-free or child-friendly business policy is a relatively uncomplicated process. The key to increasing your particular customer base lies in recognizing the factors that determine which type of customer your business draws in naturally. Take this information and create a solid ambience that will attract more of your target audience and keep them as frequent, long-term clients.

Posted by Brian Hampton at 10:00 AM

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