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Buffet Enhancements 1BCB5432 ClearBlock™ Ice Block Machine

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  • Create clear 40" x 20" ice carving blocks quickly and easily with the ClearBlock™ Ice Machine
  • Freeze blocks of ice in half the time of most commercial clear ice block machines
  • Safe, front loading door for ice removal
  • One person can safely handle ice removal
  • Portable, locking heavy duty locking casters
  • Plugs into any 110 outlet
  • Available in 110 / 120 (U.S.) and all international voltages
  • Create inexpensive ice displays by freezing novelty items in ice blocks
  • Freeze items like: Company Logos, Holiday or sports novelties, Seasonal novelties, Banners, signs, Fruits or vegetables
  • Use our ClearBlock™ Ice Mover to safely and easily remove the ice block
  • Our front loading machine and ice block mover allow a 300 pound block of ice to be removed by one person
  • The 40" x 20" ice blocks fit perfectly in our Large Lighted Ice Display to create stunning centerpieces
  • Freeze time: 30 hr
  • 52"W x 31"D x 43"H
  • 40 gallons of water capacity in ice chamber
  • Cabinet construction: insulated fiberglass, stainless steel, composite aluminum, chrome, plastic trim
  • Circulating pump (domestic): 110V 6.9 amp 115V/1/60
  • Compressor: 3/4 hp, 110V, 6.9 amp, 115V/1/60
  • 3300 BTU - 10
  • Coolant: 404a
  • Weight: shipping weight (crated): 458 lb., Machine dry weight (with condensing unit): 225 lb., Filled water / ice weight: 277 lb.
    • Brand:
    • Buffet Enhancements
    • Model #:
    • 1BCB5432
    • Ship weight:
    • 250 lbs
    • Sold As:
    • 1 ea
    • Item Number:
    • 140824
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    Ice Blocks!! September 16, 2014

    If ice carving is of high demand and you have an employee able to sculpt ice this is a great investment! Hotels usually buy sculptures from outside sources but can save money in the long run with one of these machines! It quickly produces a large clear standard ice carving block!!

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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