Commercial Meat Tenderizers

Commercial meat tenderizers take the toughness out of meat leaving you with tender, soft morsels of meat to bite into. This tool is essential for any butcher or supermarket that processes meat, by turning tough cuts of meat into tender, desirable choices.

Alfa International TN-12 Heavy Duty Meat Tenderizing Attachment by Alfa International Model #: TN-12 Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 01-0103-W Motor Kit For Manual Meat Tenderizer by Weston Model #: 01-0103-W Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 07-3201-W-A 31 Blade Meat Tenderizer Attachment by Weston Model #: 07-3201-W-A Sold As: 1 ea
Currently out of stock. Notify me when available
Weston 07-3103-W Cuber / Tenderizer Blade Rack Set in Pkg by Weston Model #: 07-3103-W Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 07-4101-W-A Manual Meat Cuber and Tenderizer by Weston Model #: 07-4101-W-A Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 07-3101-W-A Manual Heavy Duty Meat Cuber / Tenderizer by Weston Model #: 07-3101-W-A Sold As: 1 ea