Contessa Flatware 18/0

The Contessa flatware from Crestware is heavy weight 18/0 stainless flatware terrific for commercial kitchen use. The bold and striking pattern of this restaurant flatware will set a distinctive tone to any table setting. It is economical in price but high in quality, and with proper care, will last for years. Choose Crestware flatware, superb for any dining experience.

Crestware CON504 Heavy Weight Contessa Dinner Knife by Crestware Model #: CON504 Sold As: 1 doz
Crestware CON506 Heavy Weight Contessa Salad Fork by Crestware Model #: CON506 Sold As: 3 doz
Crestware CON510 Heavy Weight Contessa Bouillon Spoon by Crestware Model #: CON510 Sold As: 3 doz
Crestware CON523 Heavy Weight Contessa Oyster Fork by Crestware Model #: CON523 Sold As: 3 doz
Crestware CON500 Heavy Weight Contessa Teaspoon by Crestware Model #: CON500 Sold As: 3 doz
Crestware CON512 Heavy Weight Contessa Iced Tea Spoon by Crestware Model #: CON512 Sold As: 3 doz
Crestware CON508 Heavy Weight Contessa Dessert Spoon by Crestware Model #: CON508 Sold As: 3 doz
Crestware CON502 Heavy Weight Contessa Dinner Fork by Crestware Model #: CON502 Sold As: 3 doz