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Wondering how to start your business? What the most cost-efficient method is? The equipment you'll need? How to plan a menu? At Tiger Chef, our team of experienced food service experts put together all the resources you need to get your business started and stay successful.



Product Comparison Reviews
TigerChef's comparison and review on products

Food Processors Review
Food processors reviews can help businesses make decisions about the best food processors for their purposes and budget.

Microwave Oven Review
Microwave ovens usually have limited use in a restaurant kitchen. Nevertheless, these microwave oven reviews present models that can help in a restaurant kitchen.

Commercial Oven Review
A commercial oven is the heart of a food business. Read TigerChef’s oven reviews before purchasing a commercial oven, and make an informed choice about your purchase.

Commercial Freezer Review
A commercial freezer can make a restaurant kitchen run significantly more smoothly.



Starting your business
It's not as daunting as you may think! Here's the information you need to get started

What You Should Know Before Opening a Food Service Business
Is food service the right field for you? We can help you decide

Acquiring the Necessary Permits to Open Your Business
Don't attempt to open your business before going through this checklist of permits you'll need to get started

Determining the Best Way to Fund a New Food Service Business
A partner, a loan, savings? We discuss the pros and cons of each

Should You Take on a Partner or Go Solo?
The risks and benefits of both

Learning the Local Laws Before Opening Your Business
Don't get messed up by minor issues from the health or sanitation department

Developing the Right Menu for Your Food Service Business
How to plan a menu that will attract customers and keep them coming back

Why the Location of Your Business is So Important
The location of your business will impact its success nearly as much as your menu

What Expenses You Should Expect Before Grand Opening
Keep these key points in mind when determining the amount of money you need to start

Stocking Your Kitchen Without Going Broke
Don't break the bank while filling up on necessities

How to Ensure You Will Stand Out Among Your Competitors
Stand out in the crowd: Set your business apart using your brand

Creating the Right Atmosphere For Your Food Service Business
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Do it right the first time

Establishing the Right Prices to Ensure Satisfied Customers
Nothing will effect your prices as much as the cost of preparation. Be sure to factor all costs in

How to Hire the Right Chef
A chef is the most important investment in your restaurant. Choose wisely

Selecting and Working With Food and Beverage Vendor
Your food service business is only as good as the products you provide

Should Your Business Have a Theme?
Many food service businesses have a theme to help them acheive their goals. Should you?

Tips For Hiring the Best Management Staff
Second to chef, management is an important part of your business staff

Writing the Perfect Business Plan For Your Food Service Business
Acquiring funding can often be frustrating and scary if you are new to th industry

Should You Serve Alcohol or Not?
The pros and cons of serving alcohol in your food establishment

How to Arrange Your Dining Room Seating
Before you open your doors it is important to have your dining room set up and ready for customers

Should You Open a Franchise?
When you purchase a franchise, you are essentially buying into an already established business

How to Properly Organize Your Inventory
Organization is important to ensure that your kitchen runs smoothly

Meet Your Staffing Needs Before You Open
Don't be short-staffed when you open - that's a quick road to failure

Preventing Employee Theft from the Start
Being that you can't oversee everything all day, make sure to implement these tips to avoid theft

Choosing the Right Bartender
Experience is vital when looking for a bartender. You want someone trustworthy and people-friendly

The Best Methods for Controlling Cash
It is imperative to have clear methods for controlling cash before your employees begin handling money

Tips for Keeping Your Food and Beverage from Spoiling
While it may be inevitable that items will spoil, following these tips will help prevent spoilage

What Equipment Do You Need to Get Started?
Your kitchen staff will need the right equipment in order to prepare the food on your menu

What to Include in Your Design Layout
Layout will play a vital role in how smoothly the day to day operations run

Should You Buy or Lease Your Location?
There are several factors to consider before deciding whether to buy or lease your location

Evaluating Your Competition Before You Begin
If you do not know enough about your competition you can greatly hurt your business

How to Determine Your Projected Sales
An investor or loan officer will need concrete proof of how you plan to succeed

4 Tips For Providing Fast and Quality Service
Customer service is the most important factor in the success of your business

Is Taking Reservations a Good Idea?
There are several ways to decide if you should take reservations or not

Learn and Obey Your Employment Laws
When you run a food service business you have to take employment laws very seriously

Step by Step Plan For Acquiring a Business Loan
When opening a food service business your funding will be vital to the success of your business

Taking Time to Understand Your Accounting Basics
Even if you do not take care of the majority of accounting, you'll want to understand the basics

The Common Struggles of Starting a Food Service Business
Though your business may be a success, there will definitely be struggles along the way that you want to be aware of

4 Tips For Finding Your Target Market
One of the keys to your success is ensuring that you are enticing the customers you are trying to appeal to

What Should Your Annual Budget Look Like?
An annual budget is more than just something that should be done in the restaurant business. It is actually a necessity.

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Employee Schedule
Without the proper staff at any given moment, you will be unable to run your business effectively.

Guide To Commercial Griddle Purchasing
Commercial griddles come in a variety of types, sizes, and models to fit the needs of just about any food service business.

How To Choose A Commercial Ice Machine
The key to deciding on the particular brand and model of commercial ice machine you’ll need is to determine what you plan to use the ice machine for.

6 Tips for Buying Restaurant Equipment for Your Business
One of the biggest decisions you will make as a new business owner is what type of restaurant equipment you will buy.

What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Commercial Dishwasher
Deciding what kind of commercial dishwasher to purchase for your restaurant is one decision you want to get right the first time.

How Can Technology Help Your Restaurant?
Believe it or not, technology can play a vital role in ensuring that your restaurant runs smoothly at all times.

Understanding the Market of Commercial Ovens
Commercial ovens are a necessity for most restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries and the like.

Tips for Commercial Range Hood Purchases
One of the most important purchases you’ll make for your food service business is a commercial range hood.

What to Consider When Purchasing Your Commercial Refrigerator
Food service industry businesses just can’t function without a dependable commercial refrigerator.

Pros and Cons of Taking Reservations
One of those decisions is whether or not you want your business to take reservations.



Marketing for Your Business
Tips on how to advertise your business.

5 Steps to Setting Up Your Facebook Restaurant Page
Using Facebook to market your restaurant can strongly improve business and help owners connect with their fan base.

Getting Serious With Facebook: Check-In and Ads for Your Restaurant
Learn how to use Facebook Check-In to boost your Google ranking and generate free advertising for your restaurant.

Using Coupon Apps to Draw More Customers to Your Restaurant
Get your restaurant business to the next level by leveraging restaurant coupon marketing.

Choosing a Name That Customers Will Remember
Your name can't really be changed once you open. Think hard before choosing one.



Thanksgiving Party Tips and Tricks
Let's get that party started! Be sure to read our articles on how to plan a successful day for your restaurant, home party or catering. 

Should You Take Reservations In Your Restaurant on Thanksgiving?
Hours you're open, seating capacity, expected amount of patrons are all things to consider when deciding whether or not to take reservations

How To Stock Your Kitchen Before Thanksgiving 
Keep in mind estimated number of guests, buffet or full-service, ordering early and erring on the side of too much

How To Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey 
How to thaw, clean, store and cook are important points to remember when cooking your turkey

Is it Better to Offer Buffet or Full Service on Thanksgiving?
Before making this decision there are some important points to consider

Leave Your Restaurant Opened or Closed Thanksgiving?
Tips to help you decide whether or not you should keep your restaurant open on Thanksgiving

Should You Have a Limited Menu On Thanksgiving Day?
Buffet style, limited menu or normal menu - which is best for you?

How To Make Your Clientele Feel At Home On Thanksgiving
Attitude, ambiance, food and service are important to ensure a successful meal

How To Market Your Thanksgiving Dinner
Proper marketing is crucial to a successful day

Important Menu Items To Remember For Your Thanksgiving Dinner
Forgetting certain items could ruin the dinner for your clients

4 Tips To Motivate Your Employees To Work On Thanksgiving
Short shifts, extra pay, bonuses, and contests are some things to keep in mind 

Planning Your Thanksgiving Party Menu
Thanksgiving can be a big day for business - be sure to plan properly

How To Prepare Your Kitchen For Thanksgiving Day
Getting your restaurant ready for Thanksgiving day is a lot of work so you need to be prepared

Pricing Your Thanksgiving Day Selections
The amount you charge for your food will determine whether you meet your budgeting needs or not

How To Properly Set Your Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal
When it comes to a special event like Thanksgiving, you want to make the right impression

Top Desserts to Offer Your Guests For Thanksgiving
Desserts are as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey is

10 Must Have Utensils For Thanksgiving Preparation
Your staff should be properly supplied to ensure smooth running on Thanksgiving

What Hours Should You Serve Thanksgiving Dinner?
Choosing the wrong times can mean losing business

Should You Serve Drinks On Thanksgiving?
One of the choices you will have to face is whether o not to serve drinks during your Thanksgiving Day meal.

Staffing Your Restaurant For The Thanksgiving Day Rush
Planning your staffing in advance is one way to guarantee that you do not have issues on the big day.

7 Steps To Prepare Your Restaurant For Thanksgiving
Every day requires preparation when you work in a restaurant, but Thanksgiving takes it to an entirely different level.

Advance Planning for Your Winter Holiday Dinner Crowds
From ordering enough food supplies and tabletop supplies, to preparing and hiring more staff, there is a lot to plan for when expecting large dinner crowds during the winter holidays.

Make Sure Your Restaurant Doesn't Lose Money This Holiday Season
With some sound business planning including time limited new services such as catering and delivery, new seasonal menu items, special holiday hours and special discounts; you can actually turn a profit.

Apple Cider Recipes to Complement Any Thanksgiving Dinner
There are lots of Thanksgiving drinks that are popular, but among the most popular are the large varieties of apple cider recipes out there that will easily complement any Thanksgiving dinner meal.

Essential Thanksgiving Prep Kitchen Tools
There are lots of things to consider when making your Thanksgiving dinner, but among the most important are the proper kitchen tools that you will need to help get the food prep and cooking done quickly and efficiently.

Understanding the Basics of Food and Wine Pairing
Food and wine pairing, while somewhat complicated, can be easily understood with some basic clarifications.

Getting Your Restaurant Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner
Restaurateurs require a lot of planning to ready their restaurant for the Thanksgiving Day demands.

Getting Your Restaurant Ready for Black Friday Shoppers
Prepare your restaurant for Black Friday shoppers, that influx of walk in customers who will be shopping and hungry on Black Friday.

How to Prepare Your Kitchen Staff for the Holiday Rush
To prepare your kitchen staff for the holiday rush, you need to hire more staff, create a team spirit, stay organized and keep positive.

Restaurant Menu Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner
The classic turkey can be revisited many times over in numerous variations that can suit any type of restaurant and any number of guests.

The Restaurant Thanksgiving Menu: Better to Keep It Traditional or Try Non-Traditional Foods?
The best decision is to stick with what you think your customers would prefer while experimenting with some non-traditional foods as well.

Cooking and Preparing Large Quantities for Thanksgiving Dinner
Plan your menu, don’t let staff nibble on food, use proper food portioning tools and have plenty of chicken stock on hand.

How to Use Chafers When Catering Thanksgiving Dinner
Review and follow these principles of using a chafer and you will be sure to have a very successful meal.

Marketing Ideas For Thanksgiving Dinner and Beyond
There are many clever ways to take advantage of the holiday season to market your restaurant, whether or not your restaurant will be open on Thanksgiving.

Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Add to Your Restaurant Menu
Thanksgiving side dishes can add holiday festivity to your restaurant menu including pumpkin soup, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, stuffing and more.

Great Ideas for Thanksgiving Desserts
Our ideas cover the gamut from simple pumpkin pie, to pumpkin cheesecake to holiday Tiramisu and more.

Tips For Catering Thanksgiving Dinner
Get an accurate headcount, purchase your food early, make sure you have ample supplies for dining and clean up and more.

Why Thanksgiving Weekend Has Huge Potential for Restaurateurs and Caterers
Restaurateurs and caterers are starting to view the entire Thanksgiving weekend as having huge monetary potential.

Guide for Choosing Thanksgiving Wine
This brief guide can help you choose the correct sparkling wine, red wine, white wine and dessert wine to compliment any Thanksgiving meal.

Tips for Preparing a Turkey
Here are some fool-proof tips for preparing the juiciest turkey around