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Tea Bag Holders

Tea bag holders are really useful in restaurants and cafes for holding used tea bags, infusers, and even spoons after the tea has been served. Tea bag holders will spare your surfaces from spills and messes and enable the bus staff to clean up more quickly and efficiently. Shop for tea bag holders from 10 Strawberry Street made of porcelain at great online prices.

10 Strawberry Street TEABAG-6-ACE Teabag Holders, Set of 6 - 18 pcs by 10 Strawberry Street Model #: TEABAG-6-ACE Sold As: 18 pcs
10 Strawberry Street WTR-TEAPOT Whittier Tea Bag Holder by 10 Strawberry Street Model #: WTR-TEAPOT Sold As: 144 pcs