Thanksgiving Supplies

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Now is the time to stock up on Thanksgiving supplies. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday become incredibly more popular every year, the number of people who rely on restaurants or caterers for their Thanksgiving meals is also on the rise. This is true for the entire Thanksgiving weekend. Is your commercial kitchen ready for the challenge? TigerChef presents all the most integral Thanksgiving supplies in one place. Get carving knives, roasting pans, pie pans, beer glasses, and chef aprons. Be ready for Thanksgiving.

Buffet Decor

This Thanksgiving purchase unique and exciting buffet decoor supplies for your restaurant, catering hall or hotel dining room. Shop for chocolate fountains, champagne fountains and decorative water fountains that will impress and thrill your guests. Decorate your Thanksgiving buffet with table centerpieces, food displays, ice displays, beverage housing and display risers that will accentuate all your delicious Thanksgiving food menu items.

Chef Wear Thanksgiving Attire

Your talented chef and kitchen staff are there for you on Thanksgiving Day to help cook and serve Thanksgiving dinner for lots of customers, so have them looking good in new chef coats, chef hats, chef pants, chef ties, chef shirts, chef vests and chef clogs. Shop our enormous selection of chef wear for your chef just in time for Thanksgiving Day.

Dinner Prep Tools

To prepare your best Thanksgiving dinners, be it the traditional turkey or chicken, meat, roast duck or shrimps, you will need to stock your commercial kitchen with the right food prep tools to make your Thanksgiving menu foods come out perfect. Shop our complete supply of Thanksgiving food prep tools including roasting pans, meat thermometers, cutting boards, fry pans, basting tools, kitchen timers and much more.

Iriana Platinum Dinnerware

Dress up your banquet tables, wedding receptions and other special occasions with the Iriana Platinum dinnerware collection from Ten Strawberry Street. This elegant restaurant dinnerware collection features a subtle thick platinum accented pattern along the borders that will highlight your finest signature dishes. Made of porcelain, Iriana platinum is dishwasher safe for fast clean-up.

Kitchen Knives

Shop our huge selection of Thanksgiving dinner kitchen knives to help your with your Thanksgiving Day food preparation and all year long. Check out our bread knives, boning knives, chef knives, cleavers, trimming knives, utility knives as well as our cake knives and decorating knives. You will find a myriad of uses for our professional knives to help you trim and cut your Thanksgiving turkey, and all your other cooking applications.

Thanksgiving Dinner Beverage Service

The Thanksgiving dinner beverage service in your restaurant can encompass anything from fine wine and alcoholic punch to soda and non-alcoholic punch for the kids. Don't forget your coffee and tea beverage service for dessert. Shop our selection of punch bowls, glassware, beverage servers, pitchers, cups and saucers and more at TigerChef.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table Service

If your restaurant is open on Thanksgiving, then you will want your Thanksgiving Dinner table service to be just perfect. For family gatherings, couples dining together, or other customers, your table service for Thanksgiving needs to go beyond the ordinary. Shop our store for chafers, serving bowls, bread baskets, dessert dishes, gravy boats, serving trays, punch bowls, serving utensils and much more.

Trimmings and Dessert Prep

Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner trimmings and dessert can be just as challenging as the main course of turkey, so you will want to have all the necessary baking and cooking supplies on hand. Make Thanksgiving food favorites like stovetop stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, cranberry cupcakes, caramel apple pie, sweet potato tarts and more. Shop our selection of baking sheets, muffin pans, pie pans, cookie cutters, kitchen measuring tools and more, everything to make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for your customers.