Triangle Trays

Beautifully designed disposable triangle trays from top brands Fineline Settings and EMI Yoshi are a trend setter at any banquet table. Display assorted appetizers, cut vegetables, sushi or any other delicacy on triangle trays and upgrade the look of your buffet.

Fineline Settings 3561 Platter Pleasers Plastic Triangle Serving Tray 16" x 16" x 16 by Fineline Settings Model #: FLS3561 Sold As: 20 pcs
Emi Yoshi EMI-161616 16"x16"x16" Triangle Tray - 20 pcs by EMI Yoshi Model #: EMI-161616 Sold As: 20 pcs
Emi Yoshi EMI-161616L 16"x16"x16" Triangle Lid - 40 pcs by EMI Yoshi Model #: EMI-161616L Sold As: 40 pcs