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Whittier Zen Dinnerware

Eating on Whittier Zen Dinnerware from Ten Strawberry Street will enable your guests to unwind and relax and achieve a peaceful state of mind as they indulge in your freshest culinary creations. This restaurant dinnerware, made of white porcelain in a trapezoid shape, features thin, delicate edges, that will serve as the perfect palate for light appetizers, desserts and healthful entrees. This collection is dishwasher and microwave safe, and is a great choice for Asian restaurants and sushi bars.

10 Strawberry Street WTR-5ZENBWL 24 oz. Whittier Zen Trapezoid Cereal Bowl - 24 pcs by 10 Strawberry Street Model #: WTR-5ZENBWL Sold As: 2 doz
10 Strawberry Street WTR-CUPZEN 8 oz. Whittier Zen Trapezoid Cup and Saucer - 32 pcs by 10 Strawberry Street Model #: WTR-CUPZEN Sold As: 32 pcs