10 Must Have Utensils For Your Holiday Meal Preparation

There is much work to be done in your restaurant in order to be fully prepared to make and serve any meal, and this is especially true if you decide to open and serve Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner and maybe even stay open on New Years Day!  And not all of this preparation involves food. You have to make sure that your staff has the proper kitchen tools as well.  As you prepare for your Holiday Dinner extravaganza, you will want to ensure that you have the top ten tools of the trade

10 Must Have Utensils For Thanksgiving Preparation

Kitchen Utensils

Many of the kitchen tools that you will use are items that your customers will never see. They are utilized in the kitchen to make cooking and serving simpler for the staff. There are many utensils that you are will be using to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, from  basting spoons to chefs knives.  However, the top tools that your staff will probably use are:

  • Pie Servers: everyone knows that Thanksgiving and Christmas Day comes with a variety of pies. Serve them easily with the right pie server.
  • Ladles: a good ladle can be used to dish out the gravy that everyone loves.
  • Spoons: many of the best side dishes require a spoon for serving.
  • Slotted Spoons: the slotted spoon allows you dish up items without unwanted juices, food particles and sauces. 
  • Butter Spreaders: this gives you the ability to spread butter on rolls, biscuits or other bread.


Not all of your important kitchen tools are things that are kept in the kitchen. Some things are out for the customers to see and use. So it is important to make sure that these items are good quality, stain-free, and are not bend or marred in any way. This is especially true when serving Thanksgiving Dinner. You will want to make the best impression on your customers and having the right modern or classic formal flatware is the ideal way to do that. Obviously you could choose to use plastic flatware, but to make the best impression you will want to use your finest flatware including:

  • Spoons
  • Forks
  • Knives

Condiment Holders

There are a number of other smallwares that are used throughout your restaurant and many of them may be used for your Thanksgiving Dinner. While there is no doubt that you will need cruets and cruet sets to hold oil and vinegar for salads, when you serve your meal, you will surely need clean, attractive:

While there are many other tools that you will be using throughout the preparation and the serving of your Thanksgiving Dinner, these are the top ones that you will see utilized year after year. Add to that spatulas and other kitchen utensils, gravy boats and other condiment holders, as well as the right cookware, and you are ready for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

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