10 Tips to Creating the Best Concession Stand

Starting and running a concession stand business seems like a low cost startup model that has a lot of potential. In fact, it can be just that, as long you10 Tips to Creating the Best Concession Stand take the time to learn all about the business in order to make your concession stand the best it can possibly be.

Tip #1 – Be Friendly

Too few stands today greet people with a smile and a friendly word. Being nice to every customer who comes to the stand is important. This friendliness makes your business look good and it can help to garner repeat customers

Tip #2 – Make it Fast

People do not like standing in line for their food, so you should have a workflow that allows you to make and serve each customer very quickly. Even those concession stands serving high-end treats need to get their customers in and out quickly. A good plan goes a long way in making that happen. Refine your plan to limit the amount of time your customers spend waiting and they will come back.

Tip #3 – Be on Top of Your Supplies

One of the worst things that can happen at a concession stand is to have a line of hungry customers who want the goods you sell only to find out that you did not order enough. Consider your location, or the event and prepare your supplies accordingly. Have a backup plan too, just in case you still run out of supplies.

Tip #4 – Find Good Help

Running a concession stand might be possible to do on your own, as long as it is a small stand. However, having some good help at the stand can make all the difference in the world.

Tip #5 - Good Pricing

If you hope to sell your food, it has to be at concession stand prices! Do not overcharge for your items or customers will simply not buy. In addition, keep your pricing consistent. Even if you are working a fair during one week and a high-end event the next week, keep your prices the same!

Tip #6 – The Right Location or Event

To make the most money, you naturally need to have a good location and you need to have your stand up and selling at the right events. Do your research about the best quality events in your area.

Tip #7 – An Outstanding Booth

You do not have to spend a fortune on your booth, but you do need to make sure that your booth looks good and serves its purpose. You should have good signs that draw customers attention, and you must have a clean and aesthetically pleasing space.

Tip #8 – Good Equipment

Having high-quality equipment to use when preparing the food is always important. Whether you cook items, serve chilled items, or have a specialty item you sell, it is important to have the right equipment in your booth for producing the best results.

Tip #9 – Excellent Food

Just as you need good equipment to prepare it, you also need to sell great food. This means that you can’t skimp on the quality of the ingredients you buy, and you can’t skip steps in the proper preparation of the food. This is true for any food that you may sell. 

Tip #10 – Prepare Early

Always get to an event or location as early as you can to prepare and set up your booth. The earlier you arrive the better; then you can head off any problems or issues that might arise. Arriving early can prevent problems such as equipment not working or realizing that you did not bring along enough supplies, long before the first customer arrives.

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