Carter Hoffmann Commercial Food Warmers

Shop our variety of commercial food warmers including rice warmers, soup kettles, countertop food warmers, drawer warmers, heated shelves, food heat lamps and soup wells. Commercial food warmers are countertop accessible, keep all types of food moist and warm, or soup piping hot, and are perfect for cafeterias, catering halls, restaurants and many other food service applications.

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TigerChef's Commercial Food Warmers

Keep food at that perfect serving temperature with TigerChef's curated collection of commercial food warmers.

Whether you're using our warming equipment for steaming entrees or delicious desserts, you'll find the best equipment for your commercial needs in our shop below. Check it out!

Why You Need Food Warmers In Your Restaurant

When serving guests, you want to maintain high-quality standards, no matter the case. And sometimes, you need extra assistance to do this — especially if you're expecting a rush.

That's where a commercial heater comes in. They maintain safe temperatures before serving and all service long. A few examples include:

  • A holding station can keep fried foods hot and crispy at your concession stand during game day.
  • Commercial heat lamps for keeping meals on the line fresh while another part of the order finishes cooking.
  • Double-pot soup kettles to host your newest soup-of-the-day at your buffet.

Here are a few additional benefits to commercial food warmers:

  1. Keep Guests Happy: No one says, wow, I sure enjoyed that ice-cold roast. In fact, an ice-cold anything is more likely to earn a poor review. Keep your guests satisfied by ensuring their meal is nice and hot.
  2. Food Retains Taste: Did you know temperature can affect how foods taste? It's true. Our tastebuds are heat-sensitive, meaning improperly heated food can leave a bad taste in someone's mouth - literally.
  3. Protect Your Guests: Keep what you cook at the proper temperature to protect against food-borne illness. We highly doubt you want your customers to get sick, and we know how much you care about serving a top-notch meal.

Choosing The Right TigerChef Commercial Food Warmer

Whether you own a food truck, stand, or full dine-in restaurant, you'll want to keep all your good eats fresh. The best way to ensure a whole order stays hot and tasty is through commercial food warmers.

TigerChef has all your food-warming needs covered by offering the best brands around. Keep reading to learn what to consider when shopping for a commercial food warmer and information on what TigerChef has in stock.

Think About What You Serve

No two kitchens are the same. So, with that in mind, don't invest in equipment you don't need.

Commercial food warmers serve different purposes, and you should choose the one that matches your menu. If you don't serve fried goods, why get a fry holder? If you don't serve chili, do you need a soup kettle? The easy answer is no.

Consider Temperature Requirements

Different foods require different temperatures. Hot food holding is around 135 degrees minimum, but certain meats, like chicken or duck, require holding at 165 degrees.

Restaurant food warmers will come with varied temperature settings. Thermostat-controlled tech allows for precise temperature settings, letting you select the best degree for customer quality. Ensure the product you choose has the temperature range you're looking for by considering what you typically serve.

Capacity Matters

Choosing the correct size tech will depend on your production quantity and business size. Sure, larger machinery can hold more, but do you have the space for it? And can you spare the energy required for it to run?

For example, your buffet-style catering business might not need a floor standing fry holder, but it could benefit from a countertop model.

Larger commercial kitchens may require multiple machines operating at once. For this reason, it's best to select products that allow you to see what's inside to save your chefs from any guesswork.

Plus, you'll want to opt for heaters that maintain the flow of your kitchen. Having multiple countertop heaters wastes counter space when you could have overhead lamps or cabinets instead.

Types of Food Warmers

Countertop Food Warmers

A commercial countertop food warmer is an excellent asset to plenty of food/beverage businesses, including:

  • Cafeterias
  • Concession stands
  • Catering lines
  • Buffets
  • Diners
  • Restaurants

Choosing the right one for your business will depend on the product style, size, and features.

The size tells you the volume of food the countertop model can hold. For example, some can hold multiple pans, letting you hold different dishes in one warmer.

TigerChef curated a selection of easy-to-operate countertop commercial warmers for your convenience. Some select models have a simple dial function, while others use a thermostat. Invest in one today and keep all your veggies, nachos, casseroles, pasta at serving safe temperature.

Electronic Strip Heaters

Commercial strip warmers provide an intense heating source for when standard heat lamps won't do the trick. Most models come with one or two rows, equipped with reflectors for enhanced heat and power direction. There are many available models, but most fall into two easy categories:

  • Front of House Strip Heaters: TigerChef's FOH strip warmers help keep food at serving safe temperatures on your buffet line. Plus, they're equipped with a light source to show off all your delicious meals.
  • Back of House Strip Heaters: You can mount most TigerChef BOH models just above your staging area or pickup shelf. The heat will keep food fresh until heading out to the customer. The TigerChef models offer an infrared heat source for highly efficient temperature control.

Food Heat Lamps

A countertop or overhead commercial heat lamps are perfect for kitchen restaurants and buffet-style servings areas. Lamps pair with front- and back-of-house use, so your entrees, appetizers, sides, and desserts remain warm throughout dinner service. With the TigerChef selection of lamp heaters, you can fully customize your display station or carving stations. A few options of these restaurant food warmers include:

  • Free-standing lamps: The TigerChef free-standing lamps accommodate your food pans and are often found in fast-food-style services.
  • Ceiling-mounted/hanging: Hanging lamps are mounted to your ceiling for an overhead heat source.
  • Dual-bulb: If you need to keep a large area or pan warm, the dual-bulb model is perfect. Two powerful bulbs on one lamp provide powerful heating abilities.
  • Suspension bar: Crucial for catered events, the suspension lamp hangs from your ceiling and is equipped with a chain switch. Overhead bars give you the additional counter space you're looking for.
  • Carving station/cutting board: These unique TigerChef lamps are attached to a cutting board, giving you the perfect portable carving station. Offer table-side service at your restaurant and carve cooked meat to your table. The light will keep food fresh and allow you to show off your latest kitchen creation.

In addition to installation types, you'll also find plenty of colors and styles to compliment your business's aesthetic.

Fried Food Holding Stations

Do you serve delicious onion rings, French fries, or any other fried delicacy? If so, a commercial fried food holding station (also called a fry dump or fry warmer) is a must-have. Fry holder restaurant food warmers will keep bulk quantities of fried food nice and crispy, letting you prepare for busy meal service. When deciding on your model, consider the following:

  • Size
  • Placement (floor standing or countertop)
  • Food volume
  • Heated Shelves

TigerChef's commercial heated shelves are perfect for banquets and catered events, buffets, and pass-through lines. The units are especially great for pizza shops, whether you're servicing $1 slices or $30 pies. A commercial heated shelf works great for the following:

  • Plates
  • Food pans
  • Take-out boxes

Your food will stay at ideal serving temperatures for as long as your event or meal service. The TigerChef collection varies in width, length, and wattage to accommodate any restaurant's needs.

Rice Warmers

Commercial rice heaters are an excellent addition to any buffet line, catered event, food truck, or concession stand. You can find these restaurant food warmers with the following features:

  • Insulted: No power is required in the insulated styles. These rice warmers maintain warmth for long periods but lose heat over time.
  • Electric: Although electric rice heaters require power, they keep a consistent warmth for the whole day.

Different volumes and styles are available. Choose the one that suits your commercial restaurant's needs and keep rice as fresh and moist as when it first finished cooking.

Soup Kettles

Almost every commercial kitchen benefits from a soup kettle, but it's beneficial for buffet lines, cafeterias, and catered events. Commercial kettles provide even heating to your delicious soups, guaranteeing your guests a fresh taste in every bite. Don't worry about scaring away guests with unidentifiable pots, either. The TigerChef kettle selection has models featuring interchangeable labels, so customers can easily tell what they're getting if serving themselves. Decide on your perfect soup kettle by considering the following:

  • Appearance
  • Volume
  • Single or double-pot
  • Material (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.)
  • Portability

Soup Wells

Don't confuse soup kettles and soup wells. Although they provide similar functions, there are key differences between the two restaurant food warmers. You'll install soup wells into your metal countertops. Commercial soup wells include:

  • Power cord
  • Drain
  • Thermostatic controls
  • Stainless steel well

The TigerChef line comes in various sizes, and you can equip them with your favorite inserts (11-quart max).

TigerChef's Food Warmers For Every Restaurant

At TigerChef, we know all things culinary. We blend our expertise with our love of food to help your business boom. That's why we've stoked up on the latest necessities for your commercial kitchen. To keep your meals fresh all service long, invest in our hand-picked heater tech. Shop our commercial food warmers today!