Advertising and Marketing Before Your Grand Opening

You have planned, designed and prepared a food service business. Now it is almost time for your Grand Opening and you need customers. This means that you must invest some time and money into advertising and marketing. The right campaign can ensure that you have a full house when opening day arrives. There are a number of methods that you can use to get the name of your business and your opening day out into the public. Once you make them aware of your existence, you will have a better chance of having a better turnout on opening day.


Before your Grand Opening you should design and print flyers to give out in the community. It is even better to offer a discount on your flyers for customers who come during the Grand Opening. There are many ways to distribute the flyers. They can be handed out at local festivals. You can mail them to people’s homes. In some areas they can be delivered door to door, or placed on cars in parking lots. Whatever methods you choose, make sure the flyer is enticing and brags about what makes your business stand out. If it is combined with a discount, you will see the fruits of your labor when the doors open to the public.

Newspaper Ad

Obviously the best way to reach the most people is by advertising in the local paper. This allows your business to get its name into the community. You can also utilize the ad to offer a discount to your customers on  pening day. Many people still turn to the newspaper for information; when looking for something to do; or when looking to find a steal of a deal. If you offer a discount, you will attract people to your business and hopefully turn them into repeat customers.


As people hear more and more about your business and the upcoming grand opening, they will looking for more information. It would be in your best interest to have a website up and running before the advertising begins. This gives potential customers a place where they can get information about your business. On the website, include a menu and pricing, if possible. This answers your potential customers questions and leaves them knowing whether or not your establishment will fit their budget. You can also include a map, address and parking information.

Social Media

Social media is the 'in thing' now, so make sure to take full advantage of it. You can promote your Grand Opening through social media outlets such as blogs or social networking sites. You can offer discounts to fans and even make contests as your fan base increases. This prompts people to share your page with their friends. As you spend your time promoting the Grand Opening, you can watch as the number of fans continues to increase. The amount of customers that the discounts and contests will bring in will hopefully be worth more than the give-aways.

Finding the right marketing and advertising methods does not need to be difficult. Your goal is to reach the maximum amount of customers with as little cost as possible. You can accomplish this by opting for the right strategies. By implementing these ideas, you will have less out of pocket expense while still seeing your business fill up with new customers.

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