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Our selection of restaurant baskets includes just the type of food baskets every food service operation uses on a daily basis. We carry numerous types of bread baskets in many styles and materials; colorful plastic food baskets for serving burgers and sides; and attractive wire baskets that can hold anything from assorted fruits to breads, chips, or pretzels. Some of our wire baskets are also used for displaying donuts and pastries in bakery windows.

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Restaurant baskets are an essential element in the food service industry, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. In any dining setting, from a family-style restaurant to a buzzing fast-food joint, these restaurant food baskets play a pivotal role in presenting and serving a variety of food items. Our diverse selection at TigerChef caters to all types of food service operations, ensuring you find the perfect restaurant food basket to suit your needs.

Restaurant Bread Baskets

Our selection of restaurant bread baskets is ideal for family dining and formal restaurants where bread is a staple accompaniment to meals. These bread baskets are crafted to hold an assortment of bread, from crusty baguettes to soft dinner rolls and breadsticks. Beyond bread, these versatile baskets can be used to display fruits, pastries, or napkins, making them multifunctional pieces in a restaurant’s arsenal. Many are dishwasher-safe, ensuring easy maintenance and adherence to hygiene standards.

Fast Food Baskets

For more casual dining environments like fast food restaurants, diners, and food trucks, our colorful plastic food baskets are a popular choice. These fast food baskets are designed to hold classic fast food items such as burgers, fries, sandwiches, and chicken tenders. These plastic food baskets' vibrant colors and durable construction bring a fun and informal vibe to the dining experience, perfect for quick-service settings. Their plastic composition makes them lightweight, easy to clean, and stackable. Whether it’s the frequent handling in a fast-food setting or the regular washing in a formal dining establishment, our plastic food baskets are built to last.

Types of food baskets: At TigerChef, explore our diverse range of food baskets, including elegant wire baskets, traditional bread baskets, and casual fast food baskets. Available in both woven and solid designs, our selection caters to a multitude of dining settings and preferences.

Material: Our extensive collection of restaurant baskets is made from a variety of materials to suit any dining atmosphere, including metal, plastic, polypropylene, stainless steel, and classic wire options. Each material is chosen for its quality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a perfect match for your restaurant's specific needs and style.

Shape: Our selection of food baskets comes in a variety of shapes, including oval, oblong, rectangle, round, and square. Whether for side dishes, bread, or entrees, these shapes provide versatile options to beautifully display a range of culinary creations in any food service setting.