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Canning Tools

Canning is a favorite past time for many and recently chefs have been taking advantage of the canning trend to incorporate homemade preserves into their menus. When there is an excess of certain produce, or to be able to use seasonal produce year-round, some chefs are opting to take advantage and can these goods for future use. The best items for canning are those whose acidity, sugar content, or salt content require minimal processing. Canning can be achieved with the much of the equipment found in any kitchen, but some additional canning tools from Weston the Jar Lifter, Jar Wrench, Canning Funnel and the Magnetic Lid Lifter. These inexpensive tools will help you have a successful canning experience. Also see our vacuum sealing equipment, tomato presses and other Weston equipment for preparing canned foods in any type of kitchen.

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