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Jazz up your table with wholesale charger plates

A charger plate, also known as a service plate, underplate, chop plate, or presentation plate is used in formal dining to serve as an elegant base for other dinnerware during a multi-course meal. Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite range of charger plates, available in an array of stunning colors including gold, silver, white, clear, black, copper, brown, and more. Crafted from various high-quality materials such as glass, melamine, and acrylic, these charger plates serve as the perfect foundation for formal events like weddings, engagement parties, and upscale gatherings. Explore our diverse collection featuring different rim styles such as antique, beaded, textured, and more, available in both round and square shapes. With diameter sizes ranging from 12-inches to 14-inches, these charger plates are designed to add elegance and sophistication to the table setting, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, charger plates help in catching any spills or crumbs, maintaining the cleanliness of the tablecloth or surface underneath for impeccable table service in formal dining venues.

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At TigerChef, we provide an extensive range of charger plates wholesale options, affordably priced for professional use at restaurants or for your special occasions like formal events, fine dining establishments, anniversary dinners and wedding receptions. We work with some of the very best and trusted manufacturers to ensure that every item you receive is of the very highest quality. Our extensive range of options enables you to find the perfect designs to match the surroundings and decor.

We offer charger plates in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns including gold or gold-rimmed, silver, wooden, glass, plastic, round, square– the options are endless so you can choose the best ones to match the rest of your table setting. While you can purchase our charger plates for sale by the piece, we also offer wholesale prices for our charger plates to purchase in bulk for larger events and have a few extra in case you need them. Browse our decorative charger plate collection and find those that suit your dinner table needs.

Charger plates are the perfect solution to bring an added layer of style and luxury, and charger plates bulk orders provide an affordable and convenient way to transform restaurant dining spaces and event mealtimes in stunning style. Our charger plates will help bring your event space to life.

Wholesale Charger Plates For Businesses

Charger plates wholesale orders are a great investment for a range of businesses working in the hospitality sector. Whether it’s giving your restaurant a classy ambiance or creating better table settings for the events you organize, charger plates can elegance to any celebration. They can also protect tablecloths and other tableware items, which can be a very useful money-saving strategy for restaurants or hospitality companies that plan to reuse the products. Charger plates show that you have paid attention to the finer details that can make a meal more memorable. From weddings to awards ceremonies and any other celebrations, all events can benefit from this detail.

Our experts pride themselves on delivering a world-class service. Some of the key incentives for selecting our wholesale charger plates include but are not limited to:

  • An extensive range of styles and designs for all purposes and occasions.
  • Individual items in bulk packs deliver the exact same color for consistent styles.
  • The charger plates are manufactured from durable materials and built to last.
  • Our team can cater to a range of order sizes, perfect for single events or businesses.
  • We can arrange for quick turnarounds if another supplier has let you down.

Whether you know exactly what charger plates are needed or require a little help with the planning process, we can help you enjoy the sweet taste of success. Call us at 877-928-4437 to find out more today.

What are charger plates?

The charger plate acts as a base place setting that you place directly beneath your soup bowls, salad plates and dinner plates. Charger plates are also called service plates, under plates, and. They are not intended to come into direct contact with food, rather they are used to enhance formal table place settings at weddings, upscale parties, and fine dining restaurants. Placing your fresh, hot entrée plate on a charger plate, can help keep it warm for your guests. They are also much more than simple table décor!

What are charger plates used for?

A charger plate can be used as a dining accessory in place of a placemat, helping to protect your tablecloth from spills, crumbs, and other messes. Charger plates also help to protect the table setting and your guest from the heat of entree plates, providing guests protection and comfort with aesthetic appeal during the dinner service.

During formal meals, you can also place name cards, napkins, or menu cards on top of a charger plate. The use of charger plates is also an elegant way to serve multiple course meals as they remain on the table while replacing bowls and plates in between courses. You can even place floral centerpieces and candles on charger plates, or use them as decorative trays to serve appetizers or mini desserts (if using with food, be sure to line your charger with a napkin or paper lace doily).

How do you choose the right charger plates?

Choosing the best charger plates for your restaurant, catering service, or event is largely a matter of taste, but there are a few characteristics of chargers that you may want to be on the lookout for. Unlike the average dinner plate, most charger plates are hand wash only, but we do offer some dishwasher safe chargers at TigerChef. If this level of convenience is important to you, check out our selection of porcelain or ceramic charger plates. You'll also want to search for charger plates by their dimensions.

What size are charger plates?

Depending on the size (and shape) of your dinnerware, you will want to make sure that the charger is large enough to comfortably host the soup bowl, the salad plate and finally the dinner plate. Since a typical dinner plate is about 10 to 10.5 inches in diameter, the size of the charger plate is 13 inches, on average. Be sure to measure your dinner plates to determine the size charger plate needed. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions on the size or a particular charger plate product.

Chargers are generally removed from the table for dessert, so that plate is rarely a concern. Our advice? Experiment with a few different charger dishes to find creative ways to use them in your formal settings.

Where to order charger plates in bulk for special occasions?

Whether planning your wedding, an anniversary dinner, or a graduation party, sharing glorious food with the people you love is a truly magical thing. With our charger plates wholesale services, you can take the experience to new heights by giving your table settings an unforgettable look. Aside from their instant stand out appeal and functional rewards, they are just a little bigger than the plates of food and will catch the light in dazzling style.

It can give any event a more magical vibe while the charger plates also create a layered setting that looks fantastic in photos or on video. They can also be used for holding center pieces, table cards, or favors, thus making your space look even more special. Whether hoping to match the tablecloth color or create a distinct contrast, the design options are virtually endless.

Charger plates can also be used with items like salsa bowls for family BBQs and other events. Their versatility, affordability, and functional features make them an exceptional choice. Whether you have an upcoming event to consider or just want some special crockery for future gatherings, TigerChef has the perfect selection of wholesale goods. Call us at 877-928-4437 and place your order for charger plates today.