Chef Knives

Chef knives are a commercial kitchen staple!

Chef knives are general utility knives that are designed to perform well at many different commercial kitchen tasks such as chopping, slicing and mincing vegetables, as well as for slicing meat. TigerChef carries a large selection of chef knives for the professional chef. We carry knives from top manufacturers such as Winco, FDick, Thunder Group and Chef Works at budget-friendly prices. Shop TigerChef for all your restaurant equipment and save. For more info, read our article on How to Use a Chef's Knife

Chef knives are designed for any commercial kitchen use. They can be used for cooking, baking, dicing, chopping, slicing, peeling and more. Also known as a cook's knife, chef knives come in different size and shape blades to accommodate various tasks. For example, a forged blade is a stronger, thicker blade and gives more balance and strength to the knife. A stamped blade is less expensive, thinner and lighter, and does not have the same balance that a forged blade has.