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Woks are an indispensable piece of cookware in restaurants that specialize in Asian cooking, but can also be used in conventional cooking. With a wok your wok chef can stir fry, steam, pan fry, deep fry, poach, boil, braise, sear, and stew countless menu items. Woks can even be used to make soup and smoke and roast nuts. Shop our extensive selection of stainless steel woks, steel woks, non-stick woks and iron woks at economical prices.


Complete your restaurant equipment with woks from TigerChef. We have a selection of chef woks for all your commercial kitchen applications.

Woks are one of the most versatile pieces of cookware, especially if your kitchen specializes in Asian cuisine. With kitchen woks, you can stir fry, steam, pan fry, deep fry, poach, boil, braise, sear, and stew countless ingredients. They can even be used to make soup or roast nuts.

We carry a selection of stainless steel, carbon steel, and heavy iron woks. We also have wok sets and accessories. With the variety of woks we offer, you can whip up a virtually unlimited number of Asian dishes.

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