Coat Check Tags

Coat Check Tags and Tickets

Use coat check tags to simplify the coat check system in restaurants, catering halls, or banquet receptions. Choose from disposable card stock coat check tickets that are perforated for easy separation and come in six colors. Or choose sturdy plastic coat check tags with black numbers on a white background that won't tear or rip and are reusable. Both selections are available with numbers 1-500 for your convenience.

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TigerChef is proud to sell coat check tags from top companies including Royal Industries, Winco, and our budget-friendly TigerChef brand. Be sure to safely store customer outerwear with our hangers and purse hooks.

Every detail matters in the hospitality sector. From the grandeur of the main hall to the precision of the coat check system, ensuring every aspect is organized to perfection is important. When guests walk into an establishment and hand over their outerwear, they seek the assurance that their belongings will be cared for and returned without hassle. This is where coat check tags come into play, offering a structured, efficient, and reliable system.

Types: For one-off events or venues seeking a disposable solution, one-time-use card stock coat check tickets are ideal. These tickets are made of durable materials and come perforated for effortless separation. On the other hand, for venues seeking longevity and durability in their tagging system, sturdy plastic coat check tags are the way to go. These reusable coat check tags, featuring bold black numbers set against a white background, promise resilience. They won't tear, rip, or wear out easily, making them perfect for establishments that see a high volume of patrons regularly.

Both disposable and plastic coat check ticket options cater to a wide range of needs by being available with numbers ranging from 1-500. Coat check tags aren't just mere organizational tools—they're a testament to an establishment's commitment to ensuring every guest's experience is seamless from entrance to exit.


  • Ensures an organized and efficient experience for guests
  • Smooth coat check system for employees
  • Color coated system
  • Reusable options

Quantities: At TigerChef, we offer boxes of 500 coat check tickets in various colors as well as plastic coat check tags in sets of 100 all the way up to 500.

Security: Coat check tickets offer an added level of security for customers assuring them their coats and items are safe while they enjoy their dinner or event. The coat check ticket system helps keep coats organized, ensuring guests can recover their coats with ease.

If you need assistance finding the right coat check tags for your business, give us a call at 877-928-4437, and our customer service team will be happy to help. Shop our collection of coat check claim tickets in bulk today!