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Charbroil Grill Review

Charbroil grills are esssential in many types of foodservice operations. From diners and burger joints; to food trucks and catered events, charbroilers provide a great way to prepare many foods including burgers, fish, grilled chicken, seared vegetables and more. Using radiant heat, charbroilers enable cooks to prepare food at high temperatures, from 550 degrees and higher, in order to achieve that char-broiled taste, smoky flavor, and popular grill marks that are the trademarks of these highly sought-after foods.

Charboilers come in several types including gas and electric models, countertop and floor models, indoor and outdoor models. Choosing the best charbroiler for your needs will require assessing the amount of food you cook at once; the types of food you will be cooking; and your space availability. If you cook large quantities, you may need adequate floor space for a floor model charbroiler, if charbroiling accompanies other food styles, you may need counterspace for a countertop model.  In addition, will you be using the charbroiler for back-of-the-house applications, or as a food station for performance cooking?  Are you a caterer who does special events, and who will require an outdoor grill for large parties? 

This charbroiler review will discuss the features and benefits of four popular charbroilers, and will help you hone in what your requirements are, and assist you in deciding which charbroiler will work for you in your foodservice operation. 


    Magikitch'n FM-RMB-624 24  
Product Name   Magikitch'n FM-RMB-624 24" Floor Model Radiant Gas Charbroiler Star 6115RCBF Star-Max 15" Radiant Charbroiler Vollrath 924CG 24" Heavy Duty Radiant / Lava Rock Charbroiler
Price   $5083.00 $1074.00 $2394.06
Size   Top grid dimensions: 20-3/4" x 24-3/4" 15.4" x 15" x 28.1" 24" x 31" x 17"
Warranty   1 year parts and labor.  2 year parts and labor warranty Standard warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. For full warranty details, please refer to www.Vollrath.com.
Special Features
  • 6” stainless service shelf with towel bar
  • E-Z Tilt top grid allows easy for grease drainage
Cast-iron grates can be positioned as flat or slanted. Radiant or lava rock set up (includes lava rock)
Best Use   Powerfrul unit designed for high-volume commercial kitchens. As part of commercial kitchen equipment inventory. High capacity countertop cooking in restaurants and catered events
  • Powerful V-Shaped radiant for each burner
  • Free floating top grid 1/2” steel rods allows for expansion and contraction without warping
  • Powerful unit, total 60,000 BTU 
  • E-Z Tilt top grid drains grease into front trough
  • Stainless steel on all sides and stainless steel burners for long life
  •  CSA Flame, CSA Star, NSF certified 
  • High performance 40,000 BTU H-style cast iron burner for each 12-inch of width
  • Grates can be adjusted independently 
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel radiants contoured for even heat distribution
  • Cool-to-the-touch stainless steel protects knobs and keeps work area comfortable
  • Stainless steel splash guard and large capacity water pan for easy cleanup
    • Units will be
    • Ships set up for NG,, includes field conversion kit for LP .
  • Stainless steel burner and heavy-duty cast-iron radiants provide even heat distribution and retention,
  • Durable gas valves last for years
  • Versatile two-sided grill plate 
  • Burners placed  6" apart for powerful heating
  • Total power: 80,000 BTU
  • Fully welded stainless steel construction, back and side splashes
  • Narrow grease trays make cleaning easy and prevent grease and dirt buildup.
  • Ships set up for NG, can be field converted to LP