Creating a Themed Hotel Restaurant

A hotel restaurant should be visually interesting and inviting enough to entice guests to forego the trip outside in order to dine inside the hotel instead. It should also be interesting and attractive enough to entice outsiders to choose your hotel to dine in, rather than any of the other restaurants in the area. Unless your restaurant has an engaging theme or decorative scheme, your guests, who may be tourists passing through, or business professionals, may decide to try the fare offered at a local chain restaurant or tourist attraction restaurant locatedCreating a Themed Hotel Restaurant nearby your hotel.

Cuisine Themes

A restaurant theme in a hotel doesn't have to be complicated. Your theme can be based solely on the type of cuisine offered at your restaurant. If your hotel restaurant specializes in Asian cuisine, pull Asian elements into the décor so that hotel guests know at a glance, what type of food is offered in your restaurant. If your hotel restaurant serves classic pub food, you can use pub elements such as neon signs, alcoholic beverage logos, and special pub seating to create a relaxed and charming atmosphere within your hotel restaurant.

Emphasizing Local Sights Themes

If your hotel restaurant is located in an interesting city or region, you may wish to design a restaurant theme around the local sights and features that can be found in your area. Hotel guests are probably lodging in your hotel because they are visiting your hotel's location and are interested in the tourist attractions available in the area. Even if your hotel guests are simply visiting the city for business reasons, they may appreciate experiencing a taste of the local region's sights, and attractions without ever having to leave the comfort of your hotel. For example, a hotel restaurant that is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest can feature murals and photographs of important natural elements. If your hotel is located in proximity to a bustling downtown area, consider painting a mural of the city skyline on a prominent wall. This way, hotel guests can feel like they are experiencing city life without having to stray too far from their hotel rooms.

Why Choose Restaurant Themes

A hotel restaurant theme is a great way to set your restaurant apart from the thousands of other hotels that offer dining for their guests. It's important to keep in mind what your guests are looking for in a hotel dining room. If your guests are predominantly business professionals, you'll need to create a theme that will accommodate meetings and business transactions. If your guests are tourists interested in the nearby attractions, you can entice customers to dine at the hotel by bringing a taste of the outside into your restaurant. When you create a theme that is fresh, appealing, and interesting, hotel guests will be more likely to choose your restaurant for their next meal.

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