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Creating an Amazing Asian Theme in Your Restaurant

Your Asian restaurant may be incomplete without a high quality Asian theme within the walls of your establishment. Guests should feel that they have been transported to another culture or nation when they walk through your doors. Asian dining is a popular choice throughout the world, and you can improve customer satisfaction by using these tips to create a beautiful Asian theme in your establishment.

Asian Travels

One great way to take customers on a virtual journey through the beautiful Asian countryside is to create a travel theme in your restaurant. You can use pictures and photographs of classic Asian landmarks, buildings, or even the Asian countryside. Images of China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and other smaller Asian nations make great subjects for photographs.

Asian Colors

It's also important to ensure that you utilize traditional Asian colors in your restaurant. In Asia, color is a very important part of everyday life. Muted colors are not popular. Instead, Asian cultural events feature bright jewel tone colors and metallic accents. Opulence and drama are characteristics of Asian décor, and the colors you use in your restaurant should reflect these preferences.

Asian Artifacts

You may wish to decorate your restaurant with authentic Asian artifacts or relics. If you cannot afford to purchase a piece of Asian history, you can find replicas and copies of pieces that are distinctly Asian. Statues and sculptures with an Asian flair can easily add character to your restaurant. Vases, urns, and other storage containers painted in bright colors will add beauty and elegance to your establishment. You can even find dishes, silverware, glassware, napkin rings, napkins, tablecloths, or lanterns that are printed with Asian characters or common Asian images to incorporate the Asian theme throughout your restaurant. Never underestimate the unique power of a good Asian accessory.

Wait Staff and Chef Wear

One way to create a charming and idyllic Asian theme within your restaurant is to provide authentic Asian uniforms to your wait staff and chefs. This is not a common decorative tactic, so providing your staff with Asian attire will separate your restaurant from the many other Asian establishments with which you may be competing. Asian uniforms may include kimonos or tunics made of silk or silk imitations. Bright colors in hues of red, blue, and gold are quite common in Asian uniforms. Sushi chefs often wear high, white hats to denote their experience and expertise with different types of sushi rolls. When your staff is decked out in authentic Asian attire, your guests will feel that they are experiencing a truly special dining event.

An Asian restaurant is a popular restaurant choice because consumers like to feel that they are experiencing new places, new cultures and new concepts when they are dining. Your menu will play a huge role in this experience, but you can enhance the customer experience by investing a little in the décor and theme of your Asian restaurant. When your décor looks professional and well-planned, your guests will feel that they are experiencing quality all around.

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