Creating an Amazing Asian Theme in Your Restaurant

Creating an asian theme in your restaurant

Create high quality Asian themes within the walls of your Asian restaurant with easy to implement ideas that will have your.guests feeling like they have been transported to another time and place when they walk through your doors. With Asian dining so popular throughout the world, you can improve customer satisfaction by using these tips to create a beautiful Asian theme in your dining establishment.

Asian Furniture

Asian furniture creates an ambiance that will envelop your guests as they sit and dine in your eatery. Look for furniture with smooth lines, low tables, red cushioned chairs and sofas, and bamboo and lacquered wood chests. Look for red, black, gold and green colored pillows and tablecloths to highlight the furnishings. Add murals, floor screens and room dividers with Asian themes in hand painted laquer to ignite the imagination.

Asian Travels

You may want to consider taking your customers on a virtual journey through the beautiful Asian countryside by creating a travel theme in your restaurant. You can use pictures and photographs of classic Asian landmarks, buildings, or even the Asian countryside to create a virtual tour. Include iconic images of villages that dot Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China and other Asian nations to create an ambiance your guests will enjoy as they wine and dine in your restaurant.

Asian Colors

In Asia, color is a very important part of everyday life so it is important to ensure that you utilize traditional Asian colors in your restaurant. Muted colors are not popular. Instead, Asian events feature bright jewel tone colors and metallic accents. For example, the Chinese culture considers red to be a lucky color, hence the popularity of red in many Chinese restaurants. Opulence and drama are also characteristics of Asian décor, and the colors you use in your restaurant should reflect these preferences. 

Asian Design

Statues and sculptures with an Asian motif can easily add character to your restaurant. You can decorate your restaurant with animal motifs and mythological beasts, such as dragon images, guardian lions and snakes that add a dramatic flair to your restaurant. Traditional yin and yang designs are an oriental favorite as are placing large vases, urns, and other objects, painted with intricate patterns in multiple colors, lining the walls of your restaurant.  Other items frequently used to convey an Asian theme are large wall murals, plaques and folding screens which depict historical characters and legendary scenes in vibrant colors that will intrigue your diners.

Of course, Asian inspired dinnerware, silverware, glassware, napkin rings, napkins, tablecloths, and lanterns that are printed with Asian characters or Asian images, will add to your Asian atmosphere in numerous ways.

Wait Staff and Chef Wear

Another way to create a charming, idyllic Asian theme in your restaurant is to provide authentic Asian uniforms for your wait staff and chefs.  Asian uniforms may include kimonos or tunics made of silk or silk imitations. Bright colors in hues of red, blue, and gold are quite common in Asian uniforms. Sushi chefs can be found wearing white chef hats, or black chef head wraps when making different types of sushi rolls. When your staff is decked out in authentic Asian attire, your guests will feel that they are experiencing a truly unique and special dining experience.

An Asian restaurant is a popular restaurant choice because consumers like to feel that they are experiencing new places, new cultures and new concepts when they are dining out. Of course your menu will play a huge role in this experience, but you can also enhance the customer experience by investing in the décor and theme of your Asian restaurant. When your décor looks professional and well-planned, your guests will feel that they are experiencing a unique and memorable dining experience that they will want share with their friends and followers.

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