Creating the Right Atmosphere For Your Restaurant

When customers walk into a restaurant, the atmosphere is what makes the first impression. The atmosphere encompasses everything that can make customers feel excited, enthusiastic and anticipatory about their visit. It can be the décor, the lighting, the wafting smell of the food throughout your restaurant, and the service they receive once they enter the doors. While the appearance is important, creating the ideal atmosphere is vital if you want to turn a new customer into a regular. When deciding on what kind of atmosphere you want to create for your restaurant, there areCreating the Right Atmosphere For Your Food Service Business a few key things to should consider.

Dining Area

The space you provide for your customers to dine in is of primary importance when creating a welcoming atmosphere.  In general, over half of your available space should be dedicated to the dining area. This allows plenty of room for customers to feel that they have some privacy even when the place is full. You should have comfortable seating and arrange your tables and booths in a way that diners will feel relaxed, have enough lighting to see the menu and their food, and be quiet enough so diners can speak to each other without shouting.

Target Audience

The type of customer you want to attract to your restaurant will also play a role in the atmosphere that you want to create. If your target audience is families with children, you won't be having candles lit on the tables. So you need to study your target audience and figure out what they expect to find in the type of restaurant you plan on opening. 

Type of Food Served

Another factor that will help you create the appropriate atmosphere is the type of food you serve. If you are serving upscale, fine foods, then you do not want a dining room that appears casual and simple. If your place is casual and fun you may want bright lights, colorful dinnerware and music that will reflect the type of food served at your eatery.

The same idea goes for the menu design you choose. Your menus will need to reflect the type of food being served. If you have an elegant, upscale eatery, the menus should be simple, classic and use soft lettering. If your eatery is casual and fun, the menus should be colorful with bold print, designed to match your casual restaurant's colors and themes.

Restaraunt Theme

Many restaurateurs choose to have themes for their establishment. The theme can incorporate anything from the food to the décor. A theme can play a major role in what the atmosphere will be like for your customers. You should always make sure that the ambiance you create works well with any theme you choose.

For example, something as simple as the location of your business can play a role in the atmosphere and theme you create. A seaside restaurant can easily incorporate a decorative beach theme. This will enhance the feeling of being at the beach whenever they visit. It will also make your eatery memorable, especially if it also offers great seafood to complete the beach motif. Therefore, if you have a unique location, take advantage of it however possible.

Creating the right atmosphere is something that will make a huge difference to your customers, and it will ingrain your brand even deeper in your customers minds. The right atmosphere can make the difference as to whether a place is enjoyed repeatedly, or if becomes a one time stop that is never visited again.

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