Food Warming Equipment

For all your food warming equipment needs, TigerChef is your one-stop shop. We carry a wide range of makes and models of gear for heating up food in your deli.

Keeping food hot offers a lot of advantages for your deli. Aside from keeping food fresh, it also makes the items more appealing to your customers. Warm food also prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. That said, not all food warming equipment are made the same. This is where we come in.


We carry all kinds of equipment for heating up or keeping your food items warm. We have countertop food warmers, soup kettles, food heat lamps, fried food holding stations, and heated merchandisers.

You can take your pick from our reliable brands, knowing that every single one is made from high-quality materials and with utmost care. You’ll save money on downtime and repairs because our products are proven durable.

Go over each option below to find out more about our food warming equipment for your deli.