Dart Disposable Dessert Cups and Bowls

Get all the disposable dessert cups and bowls you need from one place. TigerChef carries all kinds of plastic bowls and cups that are perfect for serving the delicious desserts that your foodservice business is known for.

While glass dishware has its merits, the durability and efficiency of plastic bowls and cups can't be denied. For desserts and similar dishes, having a range of disposable container options available will surely come in handy. This is where we come in. We carry a wide range of cups and bowls designed to hold your signature desserts.


Available in many styles, our selection of dessert bowls from EMI Yoshi and Fineline Settings come in white, clear, and black to match your decor. Several styles from EMI Yoshi can be recycled if desired.

We also carry disposable dessert cups and bowls with lids that are made from high-quality plastic, that are quite durable and save you money as well. The option to buy in bulk will also makes your purchases more cost-effective.

Go over each option below to find what you need and to start your online order.

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