5 Ice Cream Flavors and Combinations Adults will Love

In the distant past, ice cream shops catered almost exclusively to children and their parents. Since ice cream is a cherished part of any child's life, ice cream shop owners traditionally offered delectable treats that could be enjoyed by their younger generation of customers. However, as trends go, it is important to keep the adult population of consumers in mind as well. and when adults go to an ice cream shop, they expect to sample ice cream that is tailored to a more sophisticated palate. Therefore, it is important to have a few options available to cater to this population.

While vanilla or chocolate ice cream may be appealing to some adults, staying abreast of ice cream flavors that adults love, will make your ice cream shop a popular hangout for an older crowd.

Just like fashion, ice cream flavors come and go, so stay in the loop  5 Adult Ice Cream Flavors and Combinations.  about the latest ice cream flavor trends for adults to help you offer something enticing that your competitors are not. 

Here are five ice cream flavor trends that more and more adult ice cream lovers are spending their money on.

Asian-Inspired Flavors

There is something alluring and mysterious about traditional Asian flavors, and these flavors are starting to pop up in the most unexpected places. For example, Thai flavors such as cayenne pepper and sweet peanut butter are being fused together as ice cream flavors. You may also find green tea ice cream, lychee ice cream or black sesame ice cream that is topped with candied ginger.

Floral Flavors

It may sound unusual, but combining traditional vanilla ice cream with exotic and fragrant floral flavors is one of the most popular ice cream trends for adults on the market today. Floral flavors are sophisticated and elegant, and they actually taste wonderful when paired with other flavor extracts. The scents and extracts of lavender, lilac, hibiscus, and orchid are becoming quite popular as ice cream flavors.

Cocktails and Liqueurs

Adults love to sample different cocktails and liqueurs, and this is one flavor combination for ice cream that is decidedly grown up. You can use different flavor combos to mimic the flavors featured in your customers' favorite adult beverages. For example, mixing pineapple and coconut flavors in ice cream will render a Pina Colada tribute. Served in a hurricane glass, it would create an in-house sensation. Coffee liqueurs are popular as ice cream flavors, as well as rum, brandy, and bourbon. Serving these flavorful ice cream combinations in one of a variety of plastic barware glasses, can add some flair and excitement fo the dish.

The Unique and Bizarre

Don't forget your population of brave and adventurous adult consumers. For these ice cream lovers, no flavor is impossible. Smoke, bacon, beef, onion, carrot, and other typically savory flavors can often work well as an ice cream flavor.

The Classics

In spite of all the trends in ice cream flavoring, the classics are still some of the most popular. You can create adult-oriented classic flavors by using real vanilla bean, extra dark chocolate, or fresh strawberries to make these classic and often-craved ice cream flavors.  Serving your treats in classic ice cream bowls and dishes will also add an adult flair to your signature serving style.

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