5 Tips to Make Your Break Room More Comfortable

An office break room is a special room in your office that is designed specifically for the comfort and satisfaction of your employees. The break room is the domain of the employee, so it is important to make it as comfortable and casual as possible. Break rooms are huge productivity boosters. When employees feel like they have a way to escape from 5 Tips to Make Your Break Room More Comfortabletheir work for a little while, they will be more likely to return to work feeling focused and refreshed. Here are some simple ways to make a break room more comfortable.

Comfortable Furniture

Your break room furniture can be a huge employee comfort booster. If at all possible, choose a mix of furnishing that will suit different tastes. Large, comfortable couches paired with firm and secure chairs will ensure that everyone finds a seat that helps him or her to relax.

Mixed Seating Arrangements

It's also important to make sure there are several different types of seating arrangements in a break room. Not all of your employees will be comfortable sitting on a couch to eat their meal or enjoy their break. Some employees may want to sit by themselves and engage in personal tasks while others may want to enjoy company and conversation. Create different groupings within your break room to satisfy all employee needs and wants.

Decorative Elements

A few decorative touches can go a long way in an employee break room. Hang photographs and paintings on the walls or fill vases with fresh flowers that add pops of color to the room. Cover a cold linoleum floor with a comfortable rug. These changes can make a big difference.

The Right Lighting

Placing a few warm lamps around the perimeter of the break room will dramatically transform the feel of the entire room. Fluorescent lighting may be inescapable, but softening up the room with real lamp lighting will make a huge difference for your employees.

Smart Thermostats

The temperature of your office's break room is a direct influence over how comfortable the break room will be for employees. If your break room's temperature is not regulated effectively, extreme temperatures may make employees feel uncomfortable during the precise moments when they need to be relaxing and regenerating lost energy stores. You can install a smart thermostat in your break room that will digitally assess the temperature of the room and adjust the heating and cooling elements to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature. You don't have to create an ice chamber during the summer months, but the room should feel relatively cool when compared to the hot temperatures outside. Similarly, a break room doesn't have to be stifling during the winter, but it should be comfortably warm. Smart thermostats can also help to reduce energy costs: a nice bonus.

The break room in your office must be a comfortable location where employees feel free to relax and enjoy whatever activities they need to refocus and recuperate. Some employees may want to read quietly while other may want to play games or have group conversations. Comfortable furniture, varied seating arrangements, a little décor, the right lighting, and an ideal temperature will all work in tandem to make your break room an ideal haven for employees.