Flavor Shots, Syrups, and Stir-Ins

A café is a very popular today, mostly because of the increased popularity of coffee beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso shots. For individuals who need more than just a cup of coffee, a café represents a great balance between a coffee shop and a deli. At a café, customers are usually able to grab a sandwich or a salad along with their caffeinated beverage.

Cafés often have charming atmospheres and are very inviting to customers. Customers are encouraged to sit and enjoy the company of friends and family while they enjoy a quick lunch and a hot cup of coffee. However, many customers don't particularly like the flavor of coffee. This problem is exacerbated by the intense flavor of espresso drinks. That's why adding flavored syrups and flavored mix-ins to a coffee beverage is so important. The addition of a popular flavor can help temper the strong coffee flavor and make espresso beverages more enjoyable for all. If you own a café, you might want to consider adding some of the following great flavoring agents to your coffee menu.

Indulgent Flavors

By far, the most popular flavored syrups for coffee are those referred to as the "indulgent" flavors. These flavors typically include white chocolate, chocolate, French vanilla, hazelnut and caramel. These flavors pair beautifully with coffee and these are probably some of the most common flavors that customers will order in their beverages. Lattes and cold coffee drinks that are prepared with chocolate syrup are usually referred to as "mochas." Those made with white chocolate are, naturally, referred to as "white chocolate mochas."

Fruity Flavors

Some customers like the combination of fruity flavors with their coffee beverages. Flavors like strawberry, raspberry, apple, orange, banana, and even blueberry are great accompaniments to the nutty and toasty flavor of freshly brewed espresso. You can even combine fruity flavors with some of the indulgent flavors to get combinations such as white chocolate raspberry or orange vanilla.

Liqueur Flavors

Another popular mix-in for hot coffee beverages are the flavored syrups that mimic the flavors found in popular liqueurs. Irish cream is a popular flavor mix-in, as are flavors such as Amaretto and coffee liqueur. The sweet and rich flavors of these liqueurs pair well with coffee. It's important to remind customers, however, that there is no alcohol contained in these flavored syrups, so they are appropriate for the whole family to enjoy.


Spices can also be added to coffee beverages for a more subtle flavor effect on the finished product. Spices like cinnamon, cocoa powder, and nutmeg are great additions to a latte or cappuccino. Many customers prefer to sprinkle their own spice blends on top of their lattes, so you may want to have a spice bar located in your café.

Seasonal Flavors

Different seasons often call for different flavors. You'll find it difficult to attract customers during the autumn months without a Pumpkin flavoring for lattes. During the winter holiday, flavors like gingerbread and peppermint are always popular.

Choosing a variety of flavored syrups and mix-ins will ensure that your café has something that will please everyone's palate.