Omcan (FMA) GXD-STAND  Wood Burning Oven Stand

Omcan (FMA) GXD-STAND Wood Burning Oven Stand

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For Omcan GXD Wood Burning Oven ✔ Includes wheels for easy mobility
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The Omcan GXD Wood Burning Oven Stand includes wheels for easy mobility and is designed to hold the Omcan GXD Wood Burning Oven. The dimensions are 22.5” H x 46” W x 19” D and it is durable, easy to maintain and will provide long lasting support for your Omcan wood burning oven. 

  • Brand:
  • Omcan Food Machinery
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  • Ship weight:
  • 62 lbs
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  • 1 ea
  • Item Number:
  • 0112-GXD-STAND
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  • 41164

Questions & Answers

This product is simply the stand that holds the wood fire oven, correct? It doesn't include the oven itself?

By Hedei January 2, 2015

Yes, this product is only the stand for the oven, which is item #GXD-OVEN.

by Emma - TigerChef Staff January 5, 2015
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Last answer: January 5, 2015