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Food Processor Review

Food processors are common commercial kitchen appliances that can be found any type of restaurant kitchen. Whether you own a small cafe or a large catering business, chances are you will need to invest in a food processor to help with your food prep demands. We’ve put together a comparison of 4 different food processors that vary in power, size and price, so you can get an idea of which food processor would be the best for your restaurant kitchen.

When considering which food processors to purchase, businesses need to consider use, budget,, and preferred material. For heavy duty use, stainless steel food processors are preferred over plastic, since they are less subject to stress cracks and scratches that may retain aromas. As a result, plastic is more difficult to clean thoroughly. For restaurants that need to use a food processor to produce large quantities of food,  the bigger the food processor, the quicker and more effiicient food preparation will be. Some food processors are available with multiple blades that cut raw ingredients into different shapes and sizes for use in different recipes. Some include anti-leak features that make them ideal for blending soups, dressings, and other liquids. When considering the following food processors, keep in mind the features that will best suit your business and help make your food preparation convenient and efficient.

  Waring WCG75 Chopper-Grinder Waring WFP14S 3.5 Quart Food Processor Food Machinery of America C1 3qt.  Electric Food Processor Food Machinery of America C4 3.5 qt. Electric Food Processor
Product Name Waring WCG75 Pro Prep Commercial Chopper Grinder Waring WFP14S 3.5 Quart Food Processor  Omcan FP-IT-0003 3 Quart Electric Food Processor Omcan C4 3.5 qt. Electric Food Processor
Price $203.27 $660.83 $701.41 $1,105.65
Power 3/4 HP 1 HP 0.4 HP 0.5 HP
Size 3/4 quarts 3.5 quarts 3 quarts 3.5 quarts
Special Features Two separate plastic bowls for grinding and chopping with chopping cover so you can add ingredients with the motor running, compact design Slicing, Shredding, and Grating discs; "LiquiLock" seal system
  • Stainless Steel body and blades
  • Adonized aluminum body
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Safety switch on lid
Best Use Engineered for commercial use, this compact chopper-grinder is perfect for prep jobs or finishing touches Small commerical business that require a food processor for quick and efficient preparation of sauces, dressings and marinades Small commercial business  Commercial, high capacity venues; heavy duty use
Our Comments Because this model includes 2 seperate bowl assemblies for grinding and chopping, it offers a simple food prep solution for home or commercial use. In addition, the blades, bowls and covers are all dishwasher safe. This food processor, although larger than the Omcan 3 qt. food processor, has less power, but thanks to its four blade options, it offers the user multiple cutting possibilies. Perfect for any small to medium sized operation, this unit also features a LiquiLock system that prevents liquids from leaking out, so this food processor can also double as an efficient soup blender. The stainless steel design of this food processor will help it withstand more wear and tear, when compared to plastic alternatives. The stainless steel design, combined with the large size and power of this food processor makes it ideal for restaurants, hotels and catering operations that need to produce large quantities quickly