Food Processor Review

Food processors are ideal commercial kitchen appliances in a restaurant kitchen. We’ve put together food processor reviews for 4 food processors that vary in their power and size, making it possible to get an idea about which food processor would be best for your restaurant kitchen.

When considering which food processors to purchase, businesses should consider their budget, use, and preferred material. For heavy use, steel food processors are preferred over plastic alternatives, since they are less subject to stress cracks from heavy ingredients being placed inside the bowl, scratches that may hold in aromas, and, as a result, a more difficult cleaning process. For businesses that produce a lot of large quantities in the food processor, the bigger the food processor, the quicker and more convenient food preparation will be. Some food processors offer multiple blades that can cut raw ingredients in different useful shapes. Some include anti-leak features that make them ideal for blending soups, dressings, and other thin liquids. When considering the following food processors, keep in mind the features that will best suit your business and help make food preparation convenient and efficient.

  Waring WCG75 Chopper-Grinder Waring WFP14S 3.5 Quart Food Processor Food Machinery of America C1 3qt.  Electric Food Processor Food Machinery of America C4 3.5 qt. Electric Food Processor
Product Name Waring WCG75 Chopper-Grinder Waring WFP14S 3.5 Quart Food Processor Omcan C1 3qt. Electric Food Processor Omcan C4 3.5 qt. Electric Food Processor
Price $177.84 $578.15 $782.35 $1,233.22
Power 3/4 HP 1 HP 4 HP 5 HP
Size 3/4 quarts 3.5 quarts 3 quarts 3.5 quarts
Special Features Separate bowls for grinding and chopping Slicing, Shredding, and Grating discs; "LiquiLock" seal system Stainless Steel Bowl and Knives
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Safety switch on lid
Best Use Small kitchens and home kitchens  Small commerical business that doesn't heavily use a food processor for food preparation Small commercial business  Commercial, high capacity venues; heavy duty use
Our Comments Waring food processors are very highly rated across the board. Though the model presented here is comparably small (we have included it to cover all size and budget options), other larger models with julienne, grating, and slicing chopping options exist as well This food processor is larger, but with less power than the 3 qt Food Machinery of America food processor. However, its multiple cutting options and affordability make it a good choice for businesses on a budget. The LiquiLock systems prevents liquids from leaking out, making the food processor an efficient soup blender as well. The stainless steel design of this food processor will help it withstand more wear and tear, when compared to plastic alternatives. The stainless steel design, combined with the large size and power of the food processor makes it ideal for large catering companies and hotels, which need to produce large quantities quickly