4 Easy Dessert Options for Your Coffee Shop

A coffee shop may be a place to get a needed caffeine fix in the early morning hours or unwind with a hot beverage in the evening, but if your coffee shop only offers beverages you will be missing out on a great way to increase profits and more fully satisfy your customers. Coffee shops that offer an assortment of desserts and pastries are more appreciated by the customers who visit them. Drinking hot coffee without something sweet and delectable to munch on may leave your customers feeling unfulfilled.

If you are looking for an assortment of desserts to add to your coffee shop menu, there are many different options. Desserts at a coffee shop don't have to be extravagant or fancy. Often, the simplest dessert offerings are the most popular amongst consumers. Your customers are looking for something comforting and delicious to go with their coffee. You can choose from these four easy dessert options when crafting your coffee shop menu.

Coffee Cake

It would be nonsensical to offer a selection of desserts at your coffee shop without putting coffee cake on the list. Coffee cake is a dense and sweet cake that is often flavored with vanilla and brown sugar. The dense and moist texture of this cake is perfect when paired with a hot beverage. Coffee cake often has a sweet crumble topping and is usually served cold or at room temperature.


Cookies are also popular dessert options at a coffee shop. You can offer traditional cookie flavors such as chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin cookies. The bigger the cookie, the more satisfied your customer will be.

Brownies and Bars

A chewy chocolate brownie or bar cookie is another great complement to hot coffee beverages. These larger dessert options are great for sharing between two or three customers, so you should price this dessert option accordingly.


Biscotti are an Italian dessert cookie, so it is only just beginning to catch on in other parts of the world. Many people who try biscotti for the first time find it too hard and crumbly to enjoy. The reason for customer displeasure as far as biscotti is concerned, though, usually stems from a misunderstanding regarding the correct way to enjoy this Italian cookie. Biscotti are a type of cookie that have been cooked twice. The first part of the baking process turns a thick dough into a light and airy cookie loaf. If the cooking process finished there, the result would resemble a very dense but soft cookie. However, Italians then slice the biscotti loaf and cook it for a second time. This second cooking process makes biscotti very hard and almost brittle. The reason why biscotti are cooked for this duration is that this cookie is meant to be dipped in a hot beverage. If you tried to dip a traditional cookie into hot coffee, the cookie would disintegrate and you'd be left with a considerable mess. Biscotti, on the other hand, can hold up to multiple "dunks," making this the perfect cookie to enjoy with coffee.