Weston French Fry Cutters

Our French Fry Cutters will cut perfect French Fries in no time!

French Fry Cutters are the first step to any successful French fry recipe. In minutes you can easily cut pounds of potatoes into perfect slices that your customers will devour. We carry a full range of quality French Fry Cutters in many size cuts including 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" as well as in wedge cuts. Shop our trusted brands including Winco, Alfa International, Vollrath, Nemco, Thunder Group and the TigerChef brand, for great prices and fast delivery. Read our resource article on French Fry Cutters as well as our compilation of 7 Totally Random Facts About French Fries.

TigerChef's easy-to-use french fry cutters will cut even potato wedges every time without making your arms ache! Long lasting and durable, our cutters come in various sizes and wedges to ensure the perfect cut.