French Fries Cutter Review

A French fries cutter is an important addition to a restaurant kitchen for venues offering French fry restaurant sides. Restaurant kitchen staff will no longer have to worry about how to cut French fries in addition to all the other preparation that must be done at a venue, since a French fries cutter reduces the preparation time and can be used to cut other vegetables for dips and salads as well. Though a French fries cutter is not a mandatory piece of kitchen equipment for every venue, for some it can be extremely helpful. Below we compare some of the different French fries cutter options available on the market. Most of the options are from the brand Nemco, which has received extremely high French fries cutter ratings across the board.

  Thunder Group TC-IRFFC00-Bundle French Fry Cutter Bundle, Cutter Machine & 1/4 Nemco 55450- Easy FryKutter Nemco 55050AN Spiral Fry Manual Potato Kutter Nemco 56455-2 Monster Airmatic FryKutter
Product Name Thunder Group TC-IRFFC00- French Fry Cutter Bundle Nemco 55450- Easy FryKutter Nemco 55050AN-WCT Spiral Fry Manual Chip Twister Wavy Fry Kutter Nemco 56455-2 Monster Airmatic FryKutter
Price $69.99 $227.90 228.79 1,390.35
Blades 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch blades 1/4 inch chop, cut, and wedge Wavy, spiral, ribbon fry cutter, and chip-twister fry blade options 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch blades
Special Features Includes switchable blades
  • can work with interchangeable blades
  • push movement allows easy cutting
  • left or right hand spiral operation
  • preset drive prevents potato holder contact with blade
  • screw drive automatically releases at the end, allowing quick, easy reloading
  • cuts 720 potatoes per hour!
  • can cut soft vegetables
  • clear polycarbonate guard
Best Use Basic, relatively low quantity French fry restaurant preparation Chopping various hard vegetables into uniform matchsticks easily and quickly Creating garnishes and unusual fries that will set a French fry restaurant apart from others Perfect for catering large events and producing large amounts of French fries and salads.
Comments This is the best budget-friendly French fries cutter option for venues that need to prepare small quantities of fries Great French fries cutter for venues that need to prepare a lot of standard French fry restaurant dishes. This French fries cutter can create exciting additions to a restaurant kitchen and menu. French fry lovers will love the uniquely-shaped fries prepared with this French fries cutter. Businesses wondering how to cut French fries for large event should look no further than the Nemco Monster Airmatic FryKutter. By investing in this small piece of kitchen equipment, venues will be able to produce the required French fry quantities will little hassle.