Gold Charger Plates for Weddings - Buyer's Guide & Top Recommendations

Gold Charger Plates For Weddings - Buyer's Guide & Top Recommendations

Gold Charger Plates For Weddings - Buyer's Guide & Top Recommendations

As you're planning a wedding, you likely have a lot on your plate - the ceremony, the music, the food. But you know what many future brides and wedding planners fail to put on their plates? The charger plates.

That's right. These decorative pieces can liven up your dinner tables and amplify your guests' experiences. But what exactly are these classy additions to your wedding? Below, we'll cover everything you need to know about gold charger plates. We'll also review five of our best-selling products so that you'll have a starting point if you're looking to buy some for your next wedding.

Our Top 5 Picks for Gold Charger Plates

If you're in the market for wedding gold charger plates, you've landed in the right spot. Here at TigerChef, we have many top-selling products that our customers can't get enough of. Many of our products have a lot in common. They feature melamine construction, which gives them a sleek appearance. It's essential to note that they're only designed for decorative purposes. They're not food-safe, and you shouldn't attempt to place them in a dishwasher, microwave oven, or conventional oven. As long as you solely use these decorative plates to hold dinnerware and wash them by hand, they should last you for years to come.

With their commonalities out of the way, we'd like to offer a brief review of five of our best-selling products. We'll discuss their features, specs, and what sets them apart from the others on our list.

1. TigerChef Round Gold Scalloped Edge Charger Plate 13"

TigerChef Round Gold Scalloped Edge Charger Plate 13"

Are you looking to upgrade your guests' dining experience? Consider getting the TigerChef Round Gold Scalloped Edge Charger Plates. The romantic scalloped edges create a unique floral shape that is sure to impress anyone in attendance. The metallic finish will shine brightly under the natural sunlight of an outdoor wedding or a more intimate, dimly lit indoor reception. We also love the lined groove design that these plates feature. It creates a rustic look that's an integral part of the theme in many contemporary weddings.


  • Shape: Round
  • Edge Style: Scalloped Rim
  • Top Diameter: 13 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound

2. TigerChef Round Antique Gold Charger Plate 13"

TigerChef Round Antique Gold Charger Plate 13"

Right now, are your dining tables lacking a sense of sophistication and elegance? If so, consider dolling them up with these TigerChef Round Antique Gold Charger Plates. They feature a commercial-quality melamine material that's sure to support any dinnerware you have on hand. The smooth gold center of these plates contrasts beautifully with the embossed edges. The vintage antique design adorns the circle's four lattice points, creating a stunning sense of balance and symmetry. And if you're looking for something a little sturdier than the previous product we mentioned, these plates are almost double the weight. They'll serve as solid foundations for all your guests' courses — minus the desserts, of course!


  • Shape: Round
  • Edge Style: Antique
  • Top Diameter: 13 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound, 10 ounces

3. TigerChef 13" Round Gold Beaded Charger Plate

TigerChef 13" Round Gold Beaded Charger Plate

If you want something a little simpler than the aforementioned product, consider getting the TigerChef Round Gold Beaded Charger Plates. These pieces feature a smooth gold finish, and the outer edge has delicately placed beads to add a sense of elegance. After a few drinks, you may mistake these perfectly placed beads for a chef's thoughtfully garnished dish! While the beads aren't dollops of hollandaise that you can eat up, they sure are pretty to look at.

  • Specs
  • Shape: Round
  • Edge Style: Beaded Rim
  • Top Diameter: 13 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound

4. The Jay Companies 13" Round Gold Pebbled Charger Plate

The Jay Companies 13" Round Gold Pebbled Charger Plate

If you're looking for gold charger wedding place settings that aren't as bulky, consider getting these Round Gold Pebbled Plates from The Jay Companies. Each piece weighs less than one pound, so they offer a refreshing change from the products we've already discussed. Not only are these gold charger wedding place settings lightweight, but they're also beautiful. They have a pebbled trim that will suit any festive or formal wedding you have planned. As a bonus, the pebbled surface resembles that caviar that your chef is serving with minced onions and mini potatoes! Trust us — it really ties the look together.


  • Shape: Round
  • Edge Style: Pebbled
  • Top Diameter: 13 inches
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces

5. The Jay Companies 13" Round Gold Tiled Charger Plate

The Jay Companies 13" Round Gold Tiled Charger Plate

Haven't found a gold charger wedding place setting that speaks to you yet? That'll likely change with the introduction of these Round Gold Tiled Charger Plates from The Jay Companies. These plates feature a smooth gold center and a tiled rim. The rim is much thicker than it is on other plates we've discussed, so it's sure to stick out in the best way possible. Even if your charger plates get crowded with lots of dinnerware at certain points throughout the night, their beauty will still shine through, thanks to the tiled rim.


  • Shape: Round
  • Edge Style: Tiled
  • Top Diameter: 13 inches
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces

Shop Our Collection of Gold Charger Plates Today!

Shop Our Collection of Gold Charger Plates Today!

Are you searching for gold charger plates for your upcoming wedding? Look no further than the collection at TigerChef! We carry an extensive lineup of the best wedding gold charger plates. Your tabletops will look complete with these products at your disposal, and all your guests will want to sneak one home with them. Too bad for them that our plates' beautiful shimmer will make their getaway difficult!

What Are Gold Charger Plates & A Brief History

Gold charger plates are big plates that hosts use to dress up dinner tables at large-scale events like parties and weddings. Some people choose to use them in more intimate settings, but you're more likely to find them at larger gatherings. Most gold charger plates take on the round shape of a typical plate, but you can also find them in square, triangular, rectangular, or diamond forms. Typically, a server will place a wedding gold charger plate in front of a guest's seat. Then, he will introduce several courses and place them on top of the charger. For example, a charger can fit a bread plate and soup and salad bowls all at once. When it comes time for the main course, a server will take away the bread plate, soup bowl, and salad bowl and replace them with the primary dish.

The exact origin of charger plates is unclear, but it's fun to talk about! One well-documented reference to these decorative pieces occurs in the Christian Bible (specifically in the King James version, which was published in 1611). In Matthew 14:8 and Mark 6:25, the daughter of Herodias, also known as Salome, danced at King Herod's birthday party. For her reward, she wanted the royal party to serve John the Baptist's decapitated head to her on a charger. Many people believe that before the KJV's 1611 publication, the word “charger” first surfaced from the Middle English word “chargeour” between 1275 and 1325. Today, a charger is very common in contemporary culture. Its use and etiquette vary between different societies, but one thing is universal — these plates are decorative items that add an element of sophistication to any environment.

Do Wedding Gold Charger Plates Just Look Pretty?

Nope! Wedding gold charger plates are present for more than just aesthetics (though they are quite pretty!). Weddings are full of constant movement. Picture lively guests bouncing from one table to another, trying to talk to everyone present — you know the likes. Wedding gold charger plates can actually provide a sense of stability amidst all this chaos. These pieces do an excellent job of holding dining tablecloths in place. Plus, their weight smooths out wrinkles and creates a firm foundation for other decorations to rest. Your flowers, cups, and name cards will be less likely to take a tumble because of these decorative pieces' presence.A gold charger wedding place setting also protects your table from damage. Imagine a piping hot plate that comes straight out of the kitchen — the heat can leave a burn on the surface. At the other end of the spectrum, condensation from icy drinks and cold soups can also leave unwanted marks behind. A gold charger wedding place setting will protect your table from damage (and preserve the condition of your family's antique tablecloths).

Furthermore, wedding gold charger plates can hide small imperfections already present on your tablecloth or table. Does your tablecloth have a wine stain from prior use? Or maybe your tables have some chips and scratches from years of prior use. In any case, you can set your gold charger plates strategically, and no one will notice these blemishes — they'll be too busy staring at the chargers' beautiful finish!

Why Should I Use Wedding Gold Charger Plates?

Some charger plates aren't necessarily gold. They're available in various materials, including:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Chrome
  • Faux wood
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Porcelain

But some of these materials present specific drawbacks. For example, porcelain charger plates are very fragile, faux wood pieces are susceptible to scratches, and plastic plates can look cheap. A set of gold charger plates is an excellent choice for someone looking to invest in a durable, long-lasting, and elegant product. Gold charger wedding place settings will add an element of sophistication to any wedding you're hosting.

Should I Buy Gold Charger Plates in Bulk?

Yes! Trying to scour for deals on gold charger wedding place settings at your local thrift store will only result in trouble. You'll likely pick up battered, mismatched plates that'll clash with the rest of your decor instead of livening it up. And you likely won't be able to find anywhere near enough of them. It's best to buy wedding gold charger plates online, and buy them in bulk. This method will present you with a couple of benefits. For one, you'll be able to buy enough for your guests, which is especially important if you plan on having a wedding with 100+ people! Also, the plates will be much cheaper when you buy them in bulk. You won't have to pay your local thrift or retail store $5-$10 a pop. Instead, you can find gold charger wedding place settings in bulk from TigerChef. Our prices start at around $1.60 apiece — truly a steal if you ask us!

Another benefit of buying wedding gold charger plates in bulk is that you'll introduce a sense of uniformity to your wedding environment. You won't have to resort to using anything that'll look out of place.

Can You Serve Food on Gold Charger Plates?

In most cases, no. You shouldn't serve food on gold charger plates unless they have a food-safe coating. The ones we sell at TigerChef do not have food-safe coatings. They're meant for decorative and functional purposes, but they aren't designed to hold food. Even if you have wedding gold charger plates with food-safe coatings, it's best to reserve them for aesthetic use. Allow your fancy dinnerware to make an appearance instead. This way, you can get some use of your chinaware heirlooms.

Can I Reuse My Gold Charger Plates?

Yes! A lot of diligent work goes into manufacturing wedding gold charger plates. These pieces are designed to last for the long term. If you hang onto your set properly, you'll be able to use it not only for your wedding but also for your kids' and grandkids' weddings! If you're a wedding planner, a set of gold charger plates is a valuable investment. You can use them for multiple events a month for years to come and never have to worry about the plates getting ruined. They're built to withstand the clamor of consistent use and the wide temperature ranges of various foods.

How to Use Wedding Gold Charger Plates

Wedding gold charger plates may sound like the perfect additions to your next formal event. But if you're used to backyard BBQs and casual family dinners, the thought of using these decorative pieces may seem intimidating. How are you supposed to use them as they're intended? Below, we'll outline everything you need to know about using gold charger wedding place settings:

1. Choose the Right Plates.

The first step is to find the right plates for your event. If your reception is more on the semi-formal side, you can get away with using plain gold chargers. But if you're hosting a very formal event, you're better off selecting plates with some embellishments or adornments on the side. These additions, though seemingly minor, will refine your elegant theme and contribute to your table's aura of sophistication. Be sure to consider all the other items that are going to be on your tables. What kind of plates, bowls, flatware, glasses, and linens do you plan on using? What about the tablecloth, floral arrangements, fabric overlays, and centerpieces? How will the chargers you choose complement the rest of your table? If you think any of your existing items will clash with the chargers you pick, you should consider another kind.

You also need to account for the size of your table. You don't want any of your gold charger plates to hang over the edge of your table. A typical diameter for these plates ranges from 13-15 inches, but you might need to pull out measuring tape to get more accurate measurements.

2. Set the Table.

You know how your mom always used to tell you to set the table before a family dinner? When you're setting the table for a wedding, your guests will be less forgiving if items are misaligned. But it's not difficult to set a wedding table properly — you just need a bit of patience to ensure you create uniformity. Begin by placing a gold charger plate at each guest's appropriate place setting. All gold charger plates should go on top of the tablecloth (or placemats, if you choose to have these items). Furthermore, the charger plates should go in between the arranged flatware and below the drinking glasses.

As you're setting up your wedding gold charger plates, be thoughtful about your placement. Don't set the pieces too close together or too far apart. Doing so will result in an overcrowded or disorganized arrangement. Ideally, you should place all your gold charger plates two feet apart from one another. This placement will give all your guests enough elbow room to eat their meals and turn around in their seats to watch everyone kill it on the dance floor!

3. Introduce Your Table Accessories.

Next, it's time to introduce all your table accessories. These pieces can include name cards, menus, and napkins with napkin rings. Some wedding hosts like to place all these accessories directly on top of the charger plate. This choice works well, as all the food-bearing plates and bowls won't come out until later in the evening. So, guests don't sit down to an empty plate. They'll feel welcome by all the decorations set out in advance. Make sure that all your accessories fit onto the plate comfortably without creating an overcrowded look. If you have some accessories hanging off the side, you should take some of them off. Feel free to place them around the plate if possible, or ditch them altogether if you can't find an appropriate spot.

4. Serve Your Guests.

After you witness the first dance and get some toasts out of the way, it'll be dinnertime! At this point, you can have your hosts start bringing out the dishes. Your wedding meals may begin with salad plates and soup bowls, which a server can place directly on top of a guest's charger plate. Then, they can take away these dishes and bring out the entree.

Note: A server should always clean or wipe down a guest's gold charger plate before bringing out the next course. This practice will keep the table clean and minimize mess. If you're on a budget, it's best to clean each charger plate instead of swapping all of them out for new ones. It only takes servers a couple of seconds to wipe down the charger plate with a food-safe sanitizing solution. Buying double (or triple, depending on how many courses you serve) the number of gold charger plates can create an otherwise avoidable expense, so cleaning each piece in between courses is the best option for those looking to save some money.

5. Take Away the Plates for Dessert.

Did you know that most people don't use wedding gold charger plates to hold desserts? That's right! If you plan on serving banana pudding parfaits, chocolate truffles, cheesecake slices, or a traditional wedding cake to close out the meal, you should have a server take away all the guests' gold charger plates. It's customary to remove wedding gold charger plates when dessert time rolls around.

Etiquette for Using Wedding Gold Charger Plates

Now, we all know basic etiquette at the dinner table: don't talk with your mouth full, keep your smartphone off the table, take a sip only when you've finished chewing, etc. But did you know there are some certain etiquette practices to follow when using wedding gold charger plates? They aren't overly intricate or confusing, but you should know what to expect so that you can be the most well-mannered host your guests have ever had. Below, you can review some basic etiquette for using gold charger wedding place settings:

Prepare Your Gold Charger Plates Ahead of Time

We know there's a lot to think about as you're planning a wedding. But once you set up your tablecloths and silverware, don't stop there. Make sure you allocate enough time to set up your guests' gold charger plates thoughtfully. You shouldn't have waiters trying to quickly set the plates as your guests fill in from the ceremony. Your guests should arrive at a fully set table, gold charger plates included.

Time the Removal of Your Wedding Gold Charger Plates

Make sure that your servers know not to remove a guest's gold charger plates mid-bite. Ensure that the guest has finished eating the main course (not the appetizers, soup, or salad!) before the waiter takes the gold charger wedding place setting away.

Follow Proper Guidelines for Placement

Try to place all your service platters one inch away from the edge of the table. Your platters should never hang off the edge of the table. This placement will not only look shabby, but it'll also increase the risk of food falling on the floor if someone jostles the table. You should also make sure to position each platter in the center of each guest's seat and that none of your guests' platters touch.

Unique Ways to Use Your Gold Charger Plates

Earlier, you read about the traditional ways that people use wedding gold charger plates. But did you know the possibilities are endless when it comes to using these decorative pieces? One of our favorite ways to use these pieces is to pass around desserts or hors d'oeuvres. Instead of placing the gold charger wedding place setting in front of a guest, a waiter can hand a dessert- or appetizer-filled platter to one seated guest. The guest can take a small dish and pass the platter around. This way, everyone can pick out the particular flavors they want or skip a dish altogether if it doesn't fit their palate.

If you decide to use your wedding gold charger plates in this manner, make sure each dessert or appetizer has an appropriate resting spot. You can use miniature plates or create a base using a linen napkin. This way, the food won't come in direct contact with the gold charger plate's finish. Another way to use your wedding gold charger plates is to arrange several pillar candles on top of them. You can use traditional candles that you have to light with a lighter, and you won't have to worry about melting the sturdy charger below. If you have young children in attendance or just prefer to be on the safe side, you can also use battery-powered candles. If you get these products, you can change the flames' color to match your dinner's color theme.

One final way to use your gold charger plates is to place your floral arrangements on top of them. Giving each guest a floral arrangement might be overdoing it (and a bit expensive), but you can place a flower-filled charger plate at the center of each table. This decision will give your floral arrangements a colorful base that'll accentuate the flower's hues.