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Holiday and Party Planning Resources

Don't plan a party without reading these resources first!

Should You Have a Limited Menu On Thanksgiving Day? The question of whether you should have a limited menu on Thanksgiving or stick to your normal operations requires a lot of thought and planning well before the big day.
Should You Take Reservations In Your Restaurant on Thanksgiving? The question of whether you should take reservations in your restaurant on Thanksgiving day is one that is easily answered, with some consideration.
How To Stock Your Kitchen Before Thanksgiving Estimating the number of guests that you believe you may have and the food items of your menu will help you stock your ktichen before Thanksgiving.
How To Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Cooking the perfect Thanksgiving turkey requires not only the actual roasting on the big day, but also knowledge of the preparations that a turkey requires.
Is it Better to Offer Buffet or Full Service on Thanksgiving? Whether or not it is better to offer buffet or full service at your restaurant is a decision that should be carefully considered as to what best suits your clientele and your business.
Keep Your Restaurant Opened or Close up Shop for Thanksgiving? Whether or not to keep your restaurant open on Thanksgiving, or close up shop is an important one and requires a lot of thought.
How To Make Your Clientele Feel At Home On Thanksgiving You want your customers to feel good that they are dining in your restaurant on Thanksgiving Day. To do so, ensure that you have a upbeat staff who are well prepared to service your customers and be sure to have ample, choice Thanksgiving food.
How To Market Your Thanksgiving Dinner Here are a number of ideas of how to market your restaurant on Thanksgiving without breaking the budget.
Important Menu Items To Remember For Your Thanksgiving Dinner Traditional foods are the most important menu items to remember for your Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pumpkin pie. Whateever else you make is great, but traditon rules.
4 Tips To Motivate Your Employees To Work On Thanksgiving There are many ways to motivate your employees to work on Thanksgiving Day. Some are to offer shorter work shifts, offer more pay, offer bonuses and offer prizes during the work day.
Planning Your Thanksgiving Party Menu It is important to plan your Thanksgiving dinner menu and include Thanksgiving food favorites that everyone expects.
How To Prepare Your Kitchen For Thanksgiving Day It is important to make sure that your restaurant kitchen is well prepared for Thanksgiving day. This includes adequate food, adequate staffing and adequate kitchen tools to make it all happen.
Pricing Your Thanksgiving Day Selections It is important to factor in all the essential costs of providing food to your guests on Thanksgiving, including food costs, staffing, etc. to determine the menu pricing on this potentially high profit day.
How To Properly Set Your Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal Properly setting your table for Thanksgiving dinner will make your guests feel special, but more than that it is something they expect in your upscale restaurant.
Should You Serve Alcoholic Drinks On Thanksgiving? Whether or not you should serve drinks of Thanksgiving really depends on your target market and their expectations. It also depends on if you are legally allowed to serve drinks, or if you want to do so just for Thanksgiving.
Staffing Your Restaurant For The Thanksgiving Day Rush It is important to be overstaffed for the Thanksgiving day rush so that you can handle a surplus of customers and keep everyone satisfied.
7 Steps To Prepare Your Restaurant For Thanksgiving There are seven basic steps required to prepare your restaurant to be open on Thanksgiving day. Following them will help to ensure a profitable day for your business.
Top Desserts to Offer Your Guests For Thanksgiving Restaurant owners must consider what desserts to place on their Thanksgiving menu. From traditional pumpkin pie, to not so traditional pumpkin cheesecake, you have a lot of choices of great desserts to offer your guests.
10 Must Have Utensils For Your Holiday Meal Preparation A restaurant open on Thanksgiving must have the 10 most popular kitchen utensils on hand to make the day a success. This includes pie severs, ladles, serving spoons, elegant flatware, and impressive condiment holders.
What Hours Should You Serve Thanksgiving Dinner? Determining what hours you should serve your Thanksgiving dinner can mean success or failure for your business. Check out the local competition, the big games and shopping hours and set your time accordingly.
The Proper Table Setting Guide The TigerChef Table Setting Guide will help you figure out the proper way to set restaurant tabletops based on the informal, formal and buffet style table setting standards.
Apple Cider Recipes to Complement Any Thanksgiving Dinner There are lots of Thanksgiving drinks that are popular, but among the most popular are the large varieties of apple cider recipes out there that will easily complement any Thanksgiving dinner meal.
Advance Planning for Your Winter Holiday Dinner Crowds Be sure to plan, well in advance, for handling your Holiday dinner crowds. From ordering enough food supplies and tabletop supplies, to preparing and hiring more staff, there is a lot to plan for when expecting large dinner crowds.
Make Sure Your Restaurant Doesn't Lose Money This Holiday Season Afraid your restaurant will lose money during the holiday season? With some sound business planning and time limited new services such as catering and delivery, new seasonal menu items, and special holiday deals, you may just turnaround any losses.
Essential Thanksgiving Prep Kitchen Tools There are lots of things to consider when making your Thanksgiving dinner, but among the most important are the proper kitchen tools that you will need to help get the food prep and cooking done quickly and efficiently.
Understanding the Basics of Food and Wine Pairing Food and wine pairing may seem complicated, but it is easy to understand with some basic information. So help your wait staff learn more about the wines you offer, and what foods they should be served with, and watch your wine sales grow.
Getting Your Restaurant Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving is a major family holiday. To avoid the stresses of cooking and cleaning, many are opting to order their Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant. This means prep and planning for restaurateurs so they can handle the Thanksgiving rush.
Getting Your Restaurant Ready for Black Friday Shoppers Prepare your restaurant for Black Friday shoppers, that influx of walk in customers who will be shopping and hungry on Black Friday. You can do so by hiring extra staff, preparing plenty of food, offering gift cards, quick meals and more.
How to Prepare Your Kitchen Staff for the Holiday Rush To prepare your kitchen staff for the holiday rush, you need to hire more staff, create a team spirit, stay organized and keep positive. In this way you and your staff can meet the demands of the customer rush.
Restaurant Menu Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner Menu ideas for Thanksgiving dinner are seemingly endless, but the basic menu choice is whether or not to go traditional and then take it from there. Read how the classic turkey can be revisited in numerous variations that can suit any guest.
The Restaurant Thanksgiving Menu: Better to Keep It Traditional or Try Non-Traditional Foods? Serving traditional Thanksgiving foods vs. non-traditional foods, what wins when planning a restaurant Thanksgiving dinner menu? There are many things to consider, but first and foremost is who your guests are and what they might expect.
Cooking and Preparing Large Quantities for Thanksgiving Dinner When preparing large quantities of food for your restaurant Thanksgiving dinner, here are some helpful tips: plan your menu, don't let staff nibble on food, use proper food portioning tools and have plenty of chicken stock on hand.
Marketing Ideas For Thanksgiving Dinner and Beyond There are many clever ways to take advantage of the holiday season to market your restaurant, whether or not your restaurant will be open on Thanksgiving. You can host a charitable holiday event, give out calendars, offer gifts, create seasonal dish
Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Add to Your Restaurant Menu Thanksgiving side dishes can add holiday festivity to your restaurant menu including pumpkin soup, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, stuffing and more. Spruce them up to fit any menu, while keeping the traditional Thanksgiving flavors intact.
Great Ideas for Thanksgiving Desserts Thanksgiving desserts are the grand finale to a wonderful restaurant Thanksgiving dinner. From pumpkin pie to holiday Tiramisu our Thanksgiving dessert ideas are too good to miss.
Tips For Catering Thanksgiving Dinner When catering a professional Thanksgiving dinner, or your own Thanksgiving party, here are some important tips to ensure success: get an accurate headcount, purchase your food early, make sure you have ample supplies for dining and clean up and more.
How to Use Chafers When Catering Thanksgiving Dinner Chafers are a great way to keep catered food warm at your Thanksgiving dinner. Review and follow these principles of using a chafer and you will be sure to have a very successful meal.
Why Thanksgiving Weekend Has Huge Potential for Restaurateurs and Caterers Restaurateurs and caterers are starting to view the entire Thanksgiving weekend as having huge monetary potential. Weekend family gatherings, which climax at the Thanksgiving dinner meal, can cause families to eat out before, during and afterwards,
Guide for Choosing Thanksgiving Wine The key to choosing the right wines for your Thanksgiving dinner is not as complex as you may think. This brief guide can help you choose the correct sparkling wine, red wine, white wine and dessert wine to compliment any Thanksgiving meal.
Tips for Preparing a Turkey As Thanksgiving approaches and the leaves fall, restaurateurs and their chefs are beginning to plan their turkey dinner. Here are some fool-proof tips for preparing the juiciest turkey in town.
TigerChef Chafing Dish Buying Guide Read this guide and learn all you need to know about the versatile, classic chafing dish, the perfect way to keep food hot and ready to serve, that comes in many shapes, styles and sizes.
Mother's Day Restaurant Ambience Tips, by Tigerchef The desired Mother's Day restaurant ambience should be decided ahead of time, from the decor and music to accommodations for kids.
Throwing Mother's Day Events, by Tigerchef Putting on a unique event for Mother's Day will draw the eyes of people looking for an unusual, special holiday experience, leading to sales and profits for venues.
Preparing Your Business for Mother's Day, by Tigerchef Mother's Day preparations make the best customer experience possible. Preparations should include choosing staff, allowing advanced reservations, and advertising.
Promoting Your Business for Mother's Day, by Tigerchef Mother's Day can be very profitable for food businesses. Venues can make the most of the holiday, drawing in customers by offering irresistible deals and promotions.
Mother's Day Menu Ideas, by Tigerchef Mother's day menus typically include light dishes. Restaurants can stand out by including unusual flavors, foods, and textures in the classic Mother's Day foods.