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How To Make Your Clientele Feel At Home On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and you have decided to serve a meal in your restaurant. You have spent a long time ensuring that you are fully staffed, completely stocked and your menu is ready to go. The marketing is under way and you are ready for the rush you have heard you may have. What is there left to do? Well you want to ensure that your customers love the experience so much that they recommend it to others. You want them to come back next year, or sooner, to enjoy your restaurant again. The best way to do this is to ensure that they feel at home from the moment they come in. There are four keys to this that every restaurant owner should know.


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Customers do not want to see crabby employees. They want to think that those who are working are happy to be helping them. Anything else can quickly turn their own mood sour and ruin the holiday for them. A smile and a good attitude from every employee is the quickest way to guarantee that customers feel welcomed as soon as they walk through the door. Management should pay careful attention to their employees and ensure that they do not walk around looking and acting as though they are forced to be working.


Create a mood that makes them feel relaxed and at peace. Spend some time decorating, adding centerpieces and setting up an ambiance that lets your customers know how hard you tried. Keep in mind you want to gear it towards the style of the restaurant. Don’t use cartoon cutouts for an upscale restaurant. Along those lines, don’t use an elaborate centerpiece in a small family diner. Keep it simple and keep it realistic. You will be happy you did.


The most important thing you can provide your customers with is good, quality food. Try and make your meal stand out from the competition by offering something a bit different. But also work to include as many foods as possible that people expect to find on Thanksgiving and make sure that all your menu offerings are well cooked and ready to be served. Stock up so that there is no issue of running out of anything and prepare as much as possible in advance. With the right food, your customers will overlook almost anything.


The only thing that is difficult to overlook is bad service. Your customers chose to dine out so that they could relax. If your staff is rude or not meeting their needs then it defeats the purpose. It is important to remember that it is a working day for you and a holiday for those customers. Make it special. Treat them in a special way and ensure your staff does the same. Keep the kitchen running quickly and make sure your wait staff has help with bussing tables. Anything you can do to keep the service top quality should be taken care of as quickly as possible. This leads to happy customers and successful dinners.

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