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How To Market Your Thanksgiving Dinner

If you have a restaurant then you have probably considered opening for Thanksgiving Day. This could be one of your more profitable days of the year and you very likely want to take advantage of that. There is a lot to consider as you prepare for the big day. You have staffing needs to take into account; you must order food; prepare the menu; and even create the right décor. However, none of that will matter if you do not properly market your event. Unless you have established yourself among those that serve Thanksgiving Dinner, you will have to let customers know that you are there and open for business. Doing this takes a little creativity because you have to wHow To Market Your Thanksgiving Dinnerork around your budget. Here are several ways you can affordably get the word out.

Word of Mouth

Spend some time spreading the word to your loyal customers. Tell everyone that comes in about your planned Thanksgiving Day menu. Place placards on the tables advertising your hours, prices and selection. Hand out little cards when customers leave inviting them to join you for Thanksgiving. As people begin to hear that yours is one of those restaurants open on Thanksgiving, they will start planning on being there and will also spread the word. This is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to get your business advertised.


Make and distribute flyers to potential customers telling them about your plans to be open on the holiday. You can choose to mail these to local residents; have them placed on cars in parking lots; or delivered to home addresses near the business. You can even talk with other businesses about hanging them up or handing them out. Many times this form of advertising will bring in quite a crowd that otherwise never would have known that you existed.


Purchase or rent a sign that features your Thanksgiving Day special prominently. Place it in a visible location that is certain to attract the attention of passersby. Many people will see your sign and make a note to visit your restaurant for Thanksgiving. This is a quick way to reach a lot of people at one very low cost. If you purchase a sign, you can take advantage of it for future use as well. If your budget is tight, rental signs allow you to have the same power for less cost.


If you have a large budget there is always the option to run an ad in the local newspaper. However, there are also may choices for those on a smaller budget. You can easily take out a classified ad or look for a section that offers announcements. Either way you can get exposure. Another way to use the newspaper is to contact those who talk about local businesses. Let them know what you are doing and see if they will do a short piece on your business. It will get your name out and let others know that you have a terrific Thanksgiving Day dinner planned for your customers.

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