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How To Properly Set Your Table For Your Thanksgiving Meal

When it comes to a special event like Thanksgiving Dinner in your restaurant, you want to make the right impression. One of the key ways you can do this is to set the table properly. Of course how you set the table will depend on the style of your restaurant. A buffet style will have a different set-up than a sit-down restaurant. This article will explore the table setting needs of an upscale, sit-down establishment. Your goal is to impress your customers with more than just your food. You want them to have the entire package when they visit your restaurant on Thanksgiving Day.How To Properly Set Your Table For Thanksgiving

Place Setting Basics

A nice place setting says a lot to the customer. It shows them that you value style, quality and class. It also lets them know that you are well versed in the proper table setting etiquette. When setting a table you should remember that everything has its place and that is what makes it important. Table settings have a uniform style that restaurants around the world use. Once you know the proper place for every utensil you can then train your staff and setting the table will soon become a simple matter.

Begin with the Plate

Every place setting begins with the plate. It should always be in the center of the setting and everything else will be placed around it. Knives and spoons are always placed to the right of the plate while the forks and napkins are on the left. Plural is used because there are a variety of spoons, knives and forks that can accompany each meal. If you are serving bread, the bread plate should be placed to the left of the main plate. Soup should be served in a bowl that sits on top of the main plate.


One thing that many people fail to remember when creating a place setting is the centerpiece. Often this is what sets each table apart and makes it unique. The place setting itself is uniform from restaurant to restaurant. It is what you include with it that will make you stand out. For a Thanksgiving Dinner you will want to find a centerpiece that is seasonal while still being quite attractive. Some great ideas are flower arrangements, gourds and even candles. You can easily find the right centerpiece and it will showcase the hard work that you put into your table settings.

Mastering Table Settings

While the right table settings do not work for every style of restaurant, if you have an upscale establishment it is imperative that you utilize them. This is even more true when it comes to Thanksgiving Dinner. Your customers will expect a formal table setting and you should be prepared to provide them with one. It may seem difficult to remember all the rules in the beginning, but after working with table settings for a while it will become much simpler to remember and master and soon you and your staff will become qualified to set the table properly in just minutes.

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