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Important Menu Items To Remember For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s time to plan your restaurant’s Thanksgiving Dinner and you have a lot to think about. It could be easy for you to overlook something you wanted to have on the menu. In some cases it will be okay and the customer will never notice that the dish was missing. This is because many different people tend to have many different things for their Thanksgiving meals. However, there are some items that you just cannot forget. Doing so could ruin the entire dinner and Important Menu Items To Remember For Your Thanksgiving Dinneraffect your customer’s opinion of your restaurant.

The Main Course

It should go without saying that you cannot have Thanksgiving without turkey. Many restaurants will choose to have something like ham in addition to the turkey for those that would prefer something different. However, opting to forget the turkey altogether will leave many people upset and choose not to visit your business again. You may even find yourself having to refund money to those that have chosen to have their meal with you. Make sure you have a turkey and that it is prepared correctly. This will be the most important part of your meal

Side Dishes

The side dishes are where the dinner can become quite varied. Everyone has a particular preference for what they want with their Thanksgiving dinner. While you can get away with having any combination of side dishes, there are a few things that people always associate with Thanksgiving. Not having them available might upset your customers and leave them wanting more. One of these is stuffing. You should have some type of stuffing for those that like it. Another is potatoes. Whether you choose mashed, baked or even au gratin; there should be some form of potatoes with your meal. Otherwise you can add or subtract virtually anything and still have happy customers.


There is no particular type of bread that is expected on Thanksgiving. However, there are people that expect to be given bread with their meal. What type of bread you choose to serve is entirely up to you. Some establishments offer biscuits while others offer rolls while others still serve homemade bread. Whatever you choose, make sure that you have plenty of it to go around, and that it is served in a nice bread basket, because you will find that a majority of guests prefer to have bread with their meal.


Nothing says it is Thanksgiving like having the right combination of desserts. There are a variety of desserts that you can choose from for your meal, but there are some tried and true favorites that you should not forget. One of the biggest is pumpkin pie. For some, it is not Thanksgiving Dinner if they cannot enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie afterwards. This is something you should have plenty of on hand, as it will go fast. In addition, you can add apple pie, pecan pie, or other types of desserts, so that your customers have a choice.

Though not everyone eats the same things, many people expect traditional Thanksgiving foods that they expect to see at any Thanksgiving dinner. So as you prepare your menu, keep this in mind. It is the only way that you can guarantee to keep your customers happy for this special holiday meal.

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