Investing in the Right Coffee Beans

The future of your coffee shop rests on the quality of the coffee beans that you purchase. Investing in the right coffee beans can be accomplished by finding the right supplier and educating yourself about the coffee bean market.

Finding the Right Supplier

The best thing you can do for your coffee shop is to find the right coffee bean supplier. Your supplier should know everything there is to know about the coffee bean market. He or she should be well informed about current crop trends, changes in world climates that affect coffee bean quality, and the best growers in the industry.

Understanding Coffee Plants

There are two basic types of coffee plants, with several hybrids of each plant. Arabica coffee beans are the best coffee beans to purchase. They are simple to roast for different flavors, and they are usually aromatic and tasty. Robusta coffee beans, on the other hand, are cheap and poor in quality. If your supplier does not guarantee that you will receive only Arabica coffee beans, it's time to find a new supplier.

Understanding Growing Location

The location in which coffee beans are grown is also important when making your selection. The largest coffee bean producer in the world is Brazil, but this country does not necessarily produce the very best coffee beans. Because coffee beans are a crop, and crops change from season to season, it is important to discuss current trends in the market with your producer to get the very best beans. Typically, coffee that is grown at higher altitudes will have a stronger and richer flavor and be much more aromatic. Coffee that is grown at lower altitudes is still passable, and these beans are often purchased by coffee shop owners because they are less expensive.

Understanding Roasts

There are a variety of different roast types that you can choose from when purchasing coffee from a reputable seller. Each of these roasts has different pros and cons, and different customers will prefer different roasts for their brewed drip coffee. By far, the coffee bean that you will be purchasing most frequently is the darkly roasted espresso bean. Espresso beans must be roasted longer than any other coffee bean in order for all the natural oils and flavors to be released from the bean. Because espresso is brewed so quickly, a dark roast is necessary to transfer the flavor from the bean to the hot water pressed through the coffee grounds.

It is crucial to examine the espresso beans offered by your supplier before you purchase large batches of these beans. There is a definite finesse to roasting coffee beans for espresso. If the beans are roasted too long, they will appear almost black in color and will look dry and dusty. High quality espresso beans that are roasted correctly should be very dark brown, but they should still be quite shiny. When you touch high quality espresso beans, you should feel residual oil on your fingers.

Choosing the right coffee beans is the first step toward improving the quality of your entire line of beverages. Poor coffee beans make poor drinks, but high quality coffee beans work miracles.