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Microwave Oven Review

Microwave ovens provide a unique opportunity in the commercial kitchen to perform a variety of tasks. From actually steaming and cooking food, to defrosting, rethermalizing and reheating foods, microwave ovens are a real gem in any kitchen. They are also perfect for cooking smaller items like baked potatoes, heating up soups, or warming up dinner rolls and breads. They have a small footprint, can be plugged in anywhere, do not require ventilation and do not heat up the area around them, making them suitable for any environment from large commercial kitchens to food trucks to concession stands. With today’s technological advances enabling microwave ovens to feature multiple integrated functions, there are numerous, multifunctioned microwave ovens on the market available for venues looking to expand their menu options. 

Microwave ovens are used preliminary for heating up food during food service. These dishes will then be finished off in the oven, on the grill, or by using some other heating method. However, some microwave ovens, such as the Amana commercial microwave oven described below, uses multiple heating methods to enable cooks to bring food from the microwave straight to the customer, without compromising on texture or appearance. For the restaurant kitchen looking to add a microwave oven to its cooking arsenal, be sure to take into account how much you will be using it, what types of foods you plan on using it for, as well as output and speed requirements.

  Panasonic NE-3280 Sonic Steamer Microwave Oven  Panasonic NE-1258 13 Amana HDC182 Stackable 1800 Watt Stainless Commercial C-Max Microwave
  Panasonic NE-3280 Sonic Steamer Microwave Oven Panasonic NE-1258R  1200 Watts Compact Microwave Oven With Digital Display And 3 Power Levels Amana HDC182 Stackable 1800 Watt Stainless Commercial C-Max Microwave
Price $4,225.00 $1,072.50 $1,164.00
Power 3200 watts 1200 watts 1800 watts
Size 21-1/16"W x 13"D x 9-7/8"H cavity 13" x 12" x 6-7/8" 13.5"H x 16.75"W x 22.75"D
Warranty 3 year parts, labor, and magnetron 1 year parts and labor 3 year full warranty
Heating Method Steaming or Microwave Microwave Microwave
Special Features
  • 5 power level options
  • 16 programmable memory pads
  • see-through drop-down door
  • ability to program up to 60 menu items in touch function
  • 3 power level options, 3 stage cooking 
  • top and bottom energy feed
  • see-thru oven door
  • stackable
  • dimensions fit a standard half-sized pan
  • lighted see-through door
  • 4 cooking stages options
Best Use
  • venues offering steamed items
  • preliminary heating for service
small venues requiring light microwave use fast casuals and other restaurant kitchens requiring basic microwave use
  • high quality and powerful Panasonic microwave
  • good option for venues with many steamed menu items
  • basic and affordable
  • good warranty 
  • small and compact
  • affordable and powerful
  • stackability convenient for small kitchens
  • extensive warranty
  • Amana microwave ovens have high ratings across the board