Montague Warranty Information

Montague’s Extended Warranty may be purchased for new equipment up to 60 days after the original equipment purchase. This Extended Warranty may be purchased from the local dealer or direct from Montague. If extended warranty is purchased from the dealer, purchaser must notify the Montague Company within 30 days after purchasing the extended warranty and provide the model and serial number of the unit(s), as well as the Extended Warranty Card and a copy of the original sales order and/or sales receipt.

Subject to acceptance of the Extended Warranty by Montague and original purchaser’s compliance with all conditions above Montague will extend the warranty period 12 months beyond the original warranty but not to exceed 48 months from the date of manufacture. This Extended Warranty is not transferable to any other parties and/or equipment.

Appliances are for commercial use only by qualified and trained personnel. NOT INTENDED FOR HOUSEHOLD USE. The Extended Warranty shall be applicable to the Limited Montague Warranty upon purchase, and all exceptions and conditions of the Limited Montague Warranty shall apply to this warranty.