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Offering an Unforgettable Mother's Day

Live music can draw in fans of the restaurant as well as fans of the musician(s) on Mother’s Day.Everyone loves a great party, and Mother’s Day is no different. Yes, a nice meal themed for the holiday can be fun, meaningful, and memorable, but an even bigger crowd pleaser is an event. Not a full-out blasting music party event, rather a tasteful one that will give everyone something to look forward to and appreciate. Events are a great solution to the “what should we do on Mother’s Day” dilemma, but they can also be an ideal gift. The event should be planned down to every detail to make it the biggest success it can be. What kind of food will be served? Will it be self-serve, or will the waiters make their rounds? What time will it be held? Who are the target customers besides moms? All these questions should be sorted out during the planning process, and can even be used to help decide which type of event to hold to begin with.

Live Music

Live music events have the advantage of drawing in fans of the restaurants as well as fans of the musician(s). The live music should befit a Mother’s Day affair, with jazz usually more appropriate than rap, and oldies being a better fit than metal. Venues can profit off of these events by charging entrance fees and/or selling drinks and food during the performance. To make the most of the appeal of live music events, restaurants should advertise them well in advance. By offering and encouraging advanced reservations, businesses will be able plan the food and staff requirements accordingly and offer customers the best overall experience possible. Of course, when planning to host a live music event, a venue must make sure it has the proper equipment on hand. They should own or rent microphones and speakers, or book a band which can bring its own. The volume of the speakers should be thought about in advance as well. If the music is too soft, older people may not be able to enjoy the performance, whereas if the music is too loud, it will be less complementary to a meal (but appropriate to appreciate over drinks). Either way, live music can be an excellent Mother’s Day activity for attendees and can help boost the profits and reputation of a venue.

Wine Tasting

One of the first ideas that comes to mind when brainstorming classy events is wine tasting. Restaurants can offer wine tastings on Mother’s Day, appealing to and drawing in connoisseurs as well as casual wine drinkers. The wines can be selected by the sommelier or the chef, or the wine tasting can be held by the restaurant and a winemaker in conjunction. Most wine tastings offer a price-fixed menu offering food and a certain number of wines. Having a preselected menu helps simplify the preparation and serving processes, since the orders will be uniform for all the guests. The menu should be planned to complement the wines, and should be printed with a short explanation of the wines, but the advanced planning for a wine tasting often goes beyond the menu. The music must be selected beforehand as well, since it will have a noticeable impact on the vibe of the event. Wine tastings are usually complemented by classical music, jazz, or other soft music genres. Some venues may have to rent or purchase good quality wine glasses and spit buckets. As far as Mother’s Day events go, wine tastings are sure to please the husband and older children as well as the mother, though it limits the event to over 21, which may be a downside for mothers looking to spend the holiday with their young kids.

Events are more than just a good way to bring in concentrated restaurant traffic during slow times. They are a great way to celebrate holidays such as Mother’s Day, and can therefore draw in an even higher number of customers for the event when compared to a classic Mother’s Day meal. Live music and wine tasting events can be more than just a great way to celebrate together, they can be the ideal present for Mother’s Day as well. Tickets to future events can help restaurants and similar venues profit even more during the holiday, than the holiday event itself. A great Mother’s Day experience at this year’s event can create a tradition for customers. By planning in advance and taking the whole picture into consideration when organizing the event, venues can make a lasting impression and provide customers with an unforgettable Mother’s Day experience, while simultaneously building profits and customer loyalty.